Implementing an intranet for your team is useful for sharing information and resources within your organization, especially with the shift to hybrid and remote work, which has amplified the importance of having a designated hub for organization-wide communications. By deploying a SharePoint intranet environment, organizations can enable seamless collaboration between employees and contribute to a positive work culture, increasing employee satisfaction, and in turn, efficiency.

Facilitate Structured Collaboration with a Scalable Intranet Solution

By partnering with a digital workplace solution provider, you can deploy a SharePoint intranet environment seamlessly, including up to ten department sites and controlled access to files, empowering employees with an engaging end-to-end collaboration experience.

To take advantage of the full capabilities of SharePoint intranet, you can’t afford to have a “set it and forget it” mentality, but rather, you should leverage the expertise of a long-term technology partner who understands your business and can help you implement a scalable intranet solution to facilitate structured collaboration amongst your employees.

At Klarinet, our team has been specializing in SharePoint solutions for over a decade and can plug into your existing team to provide the support you need, only when you need it. Through our expertise in working with clients across various industries, we deploy SharePoint Intranet solutions seamlessly and efficiently.

How Our SharePoint Online Intranet Implementation Works

There are 3 steps we follow when implementing a SharePoint Online intranet for our clients, which are:

  1. Design the information architecture and navigation.
    To design the information architecture and navigation, we partake in up to 8 hours of sessions to help us gather your requirements and ensure we completely understand your business goals.
  2. Develop the intranet.
    There are a number of things we do to ensure we develop a top-of-the-line intranet solution for your organization, including:
    a. Deploying an intranet hub site with connected communication sites.
    b. Implementing a custom SharePoint theme and applying intranet branding.
    c. Developing and implementing a Security & Access model appropriate for you.
    d. Designing intranet navigation with optional Audience Targeting.
    e. Designing and deploying your Intranet Homepage and up to 10 department pages.
    f. Designing a footer with your logo, name and links.
    g. Developing Microsoft Forms with notification workflows leveraging Power Automate.
    h. Populating sample content for Intranet Homepage design review (optional).
    i. Launching the intranet within the defined timeline.
  3. Provide comprehensive intranet training.
    We provide on-demand intranet admin training, on-demand content author training, and a content author support bridge led by our consultants, but instructor-led training is also available.

Add-Ons to Tailor Your SharePoint Online Intranet

We also offer a variety of add-ons if you wish to further tailor your SharePoint intranet experience. Some of these add-ons include:

  • Viva Connections
    You can deploy Viva Connections to enable a SharePoint app bar and customize your navigation, create a dashboard with optional audience targeting, add the app in Teams Admin Center, and pre-install and pre-pin the branded app in the Teams mobile app bar.
  • Document Search Hub
    With Document Search Hub, you can deploy open-source PnP search web parts, create site columns and custom content type for documents, search, filter, and display documents with associated metadata, and configure up to 2 managed search properties.
  • People Directory
    This add-on allows you to deploy open-source PnP search web parts, filter and display employee photos and profile attributes, and configure up to 2 managed search properties as well.

To learn more about our SharePoint Online intranet implementation and take the first step towards your new SharePoint intranet, feel free to review our service package.

Streamline Your SharePoint Online Intranet Implementation with Klarinet Solutions

Ready to implement a SharePoint Intranet solution closely tailored to the needs of your organization? Our highly skilled, award-winning team will plan, prepare, and implement your SharePoint Intranet solution while mentoring your team every step of the way, from planning to post-implementation support and training.

Get in touch with our digital workplace experts today to learn more about how we can help your organization work smarter and more efficiently to increase your ROI.

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