Company intranets provide a secure, private space for employees to create content, communicate, collaborate, and develop the company culture. Modern intranet software, like SharePoint, is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. To ensure that your company intranet continues to stay relevant for your employees, it is important to continuously implement new intranet content ideas to keep your digital workplace fresh and exciting.

Let’s dive into some ways you can create engaging intranet content to elevate the employee experience across your organization.

Design Your Homepage

As one of the first pages your employees see when they log in to your company intranet, your homepage is the best way to increase engagement. By customizing it and branding it, you can make it look more appealing to your users and make them more likely to engage with other content on your intranet.

Broadcast Accomplishments

It is important that your employees feel valued in their role to enhance efficiency and productivity. By creating intranet content recognizing your employees’ accomplishments and wins, you can boost morale and make your team feel that their work matters. Creating content for this could be as simple as a short post on the news feed or a thank you message.

List Community Events

Another way to enhance the employee experience and create engaging intranet content is to use it as a calendar for community events. List upcoming events to help establish the social aspect of work, especially if your employees are mainly remote or hybrid. Promote virtual workplace activities in addition to in-person activities and enable your employees to add to it.

Introduce Themed Days

Another fun way to enable engaging intranet content creation is introducing themed days or focusing on posting specific categories of content on specific days. For example, maybe you send out a company-wide news update weekly, schedule this to go out on the same time and same day every week for consistency and pick different content categories for each day of the week.

Provide a Q&A Forum

By providing a forum for employees to ask questions and get answers, you can encourage your users to create engaging intranet content that is constantly being updated. By having a Q&A forum, you can ensure your employees are not only browsing your intranet, but also consistently contributing to it and collaborating with each other, boosting workplace satisfaction.

Provide Training Resources

Another great way to use your intranet is to create and provide useful training resources relevant to each department. If employees are made aware that dedicated training resources are available to them, they are more likely to consistently engage with your intranet and contribute their own content. By making your intranet the single source of truth for important information, you can boost adoption.

Personalize Messages and Feed

You can use your intranet to send out mass announcements and messages to all departments across your organization. It is known that personalizing content can greatly boost user engagement, as users are more likely to engage with content they believe is created specifically for them. In addition to this, give users the ability to tailor their intranet feed to see content they want to see.

Post Job Opportunities

Another idea for intranet content is posting internal job opportunities and vacancies. By alerting your employees to vacancies suited to them, you can give them the opportunity to apply themselves or provide recommendations for these positions, helping your employees feel more valued, as well as reducing the cost of your recruitment process.

Create an Industry News Hub

Creating an industry news hub is perhaps one of the best ways to create engaging intranet content. By having a dedicated hub for industry news, employees are more likely to log on to stay informed and gain valuable industry knowledge, making your intranet more ‘sticky.’ We recommend having leaders from different departments post industry news, rather than have it all come from one author.

Highlight Employees

Featuring a different employee on your intranet each month provides a unique opportunity for colleagues to learn more about one another, from their professional journeys and accomplishments within the company to their personal interests outside of work. By shedding light on the diverse talents and stories within your organization, you not only foster a sense of community but also create a dynamic and engaging environment that employees look forward to exploring month after month.

Let Klarinet Solutions Help You Create Engaging Intranet Content

There are many different ways to create an engaging intranet, and many more ideas for compelling intranet content creation. Your intranet is something that needs to be continuously maintained and updated, but we understand this can sometimes be hard to do with all of your other day-to-day tasks.

Let our digital workplace experts help you optimize your time and create a plan for how to get the most out of your company intranet. Get in touch!

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