Microsoft is constantly making updates to Microsoft 365, making it hard to keep track of all the changes. With the Microsoft 365 Message center, which can be viewed in admin center under the health section, you can keep track of upcoming changes, new and improved features, planned maintenance, and other important announcements. While Message center isn’t the only way Microsoft communicates changes to M365, it is the primary way they communicate the timing of individual changes, and notifications from Message center can be received as a weekly email digest too.

We took a look at the Microsoft 365 Message center and noted quite a few updates to Microsoft 365, but let’s dive into the top 10:

Security & MFA

Microsoft is introducing Authenticator Lite, which is a feature that allows users to complete multi-factor authentication using the Outlook app on an iOS or Android device. This feature is beneficial for organizations that were having trouble getting users to adopt another app, as now authentication can simply be completed from the Outlook app.

However, if possible, we do always recommend having users download the Authenticator app, as it offers the most up-to-date security features.

Avatars for Microsoft Teams

Avatars for Microsoft Teams are now in public preview, with standard release expected to roll out this month. With avatars, your users can collaborate effectively in Teams without having to turn on their cameras. Avatars for Teams allows users to represent themselves the way they want by saving up to 3 customizable avatars they feel accurately depict them.

You can choose whether to make avatars for Teams available across your organization and who is eligible to use them through policies.

New Microsoft Teams Windows Client

This update is for Windows users. The new Microsoft Teams Windows client is built on a foundation of speed, performance, and flexibility, helping your organization save time and work together more efficiently. Most notably, the new Teams app is designed to be twice as fast, yielding significant gains in installation time, disk space used, chat and channel switch time, search, and more.

The new Teams app will also support organizations with multiple tenants and users will be able to sign into multiple accounts simultaneously and receive notifications no matter which one is in use.

Microsoft Syntex Content Assembly

Microsoft is rolling out the ability to map fields of modern templates to library columns in Microsoft Syntex Content assembly. If you have been hesitant about utilizing Syntex to create forms or templates, it is supposed to be much more accessible now, even for users who are not developers.

SharePoint Admin Center

SharePoint administrators can now see a list of all their activity while logged in. With the recent actions panel, everything is now tracked so you can look back and see what you have done, including creating sites, adding members, updating permissions, site setting changes, and more.

A premium version of this feature is offered as part of Microsoft Syntex – SharePoint Advanced Management, which allows you to review your most recent actions in the SharePoint admin center up to the last 30 days.

Webinar Reminder Emails

To help you build excitement and drive attendance as your webinar approaches, you can finally leverage automated reminder emails for webinars in Microsoft Teams that can be sent to all confirmed registrants on a date and time of your choosing. These reminder emails will include custom-branded headers, webinar details, and a link to join the event.

Pin Workspaces

This new feature in Power BI is simple and straightforward, yet highly useful for helping you stay organized. You can now pin important workspaces to the top of the list and unpin them anytime as needed. You can easily navigate to the workspaces most relevant to you without having to search through the workspace list, helping you work more efficiently.

Offline Meetings in Teams

You can now block time on your Microsoft Teams calendar for offline meetings, which include in-person meetings, projects, personal appointments, lunch breaks, and more. By turning off the online toggle for a meeting, you can create a true offline meeting.

By default, all meetings created in Microsoft Teams are online, and by turning off this toggle, you will create an offline event that will not have a chat thread like online meetings do.

Teams Rooms

Support for Teams Rooms on Windows 11 devices is finally here. For devices that are not eligible to use Windows 11, support for Windows 10 hardware will continue until the end of life for the device.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

In Microsoft 365 admin center, you will soon be able to track usage of all Teams apps in usage reports. Admins will be able to view monthly land daily active user counts for first-party and third-party Teams and intranet apps.

With access to more analytics, administrators will be able to see how things are going and use those insights to drive adoption.

Work with Klarinet Solutions to Make the Most of Your Microsoft 365 Environment

Microsoft is constantly making updates to the ecosystem, and keeping track of all the major and minor changes can be difficult.

At Klarinet Solutions, we are well-versed in the world of Microsoft 365 and can help you leverage updates to make the most of your digital workplace environment. Get in touch with us today!

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