About Us

Some people choose us because we’re award-winning. Others because we’re devoted to making best-in-class technology easy to use. Or perhaps because we know exactly how to bring out the best in SharePoint for your business. But mostly we hope you’ll work with us because we love what we do.

What is a Klarinet?

Noun. A provider of clear, simple and efficient digital workplace solutions, delivering what clients want and expect from their SharePoint and Office experiences; from German klar “clear”.

Example of use: “Klarinet revolutionized the way we do business.”

About our company
We created Klarinet in 2010 with the goal of providing superior technology experiences through a tailored approach to Microsoft business environments. Sure, we get excited about new technology, but we’re even more interested in how we can apply it to make your business run more smoothly. You see, we have this crazy idea that companies should be focused on getting their work done, not arm-wrestling with the technology that’s supposed to be making their lives easier. So we have specialized our business in providing businesses across the United States with leading, customized digital workplace solutions that are easy to adopt, easy to use, and cost-efficient.

The technology is fascinating, but what keeps us going is our relationships with clients, many of whom have been with us for years. Our clients often become friends, and if you work with us, you’ll quickly realize why. Stick around long enough, and we’ll tell you how Linda ended up buying a dream fairy playhouse for a (grown) client. See? There’s just no limit to what we’ll do for you.

Our Leadership

Linda Amaro

Linda Amaro Co-Founder and CEO

Linda is our fearless leader, with 25+ years of experience bringing technology solutions to business organizations. Meet her and you’ll quickly realize how she turns the stereotype of quiet, withdrawn IT professionals on its head — she’s got some serious people skills. She keeps the Klarinet team on task, driving our innovation and pushing peak performance. And she’s not just “mom” to our company; she’s the go-to for 700+ CEOs planning their next steps.

She is an expert at strategically aligning corporate vision, both short and long-term, with the technologies that will serve best. Her consulting is driven by her commitment to help businesses get more out of the technologies they have. The queen of balancing work and play, when Linda shuts the door, she shifts to be an engaged grandmother and board member for non-profits.

Linda’s an active partner in SUE Talks, developing a voice for business women everywhere. Her own “voice” is well-formed, and she’ll give it to you straight about how to elevate your digital workspace. (Or she might use her voice to sing along to her favorite OK GO videos — it just depends on the day.)

Daniel Amaro

Daniel Amaro Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Daniel was made for this tech stuff; years ago, he hand-traced 2000 cables across two buildings and 600+ employees. Voluntarily. Some might call it a passion. Patient and creative, he’s our go-to for network system challenges and workflow solutions; he’s our team’s “Why not?!” guy. Also (and perhaps more importantly): he brings the snacks.

Daniel will turn down the ever-present music on his computer to listen carefully to your unique business considerations and challenges, then set off to slay them on your behalf (the music goes back up for that part). He firmly believes that the right technology environment will streamline communication and collaboration, while freeing teams to have better work-life balance.

As for his own work-life balance, when he steps away from the desk, Daniel is an active volunteer, passionate about youth service and his work with San Diego Rotary Club. A busy father, he’s a frequent flier at the San Diego Zoo. He is also a sorely undercompensated Chief Technology Officer for his extended family. Say it with him now: “Your laptop is not a food tray!”

Matt Fishman

Matt Fishman Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Matt “Big Guns” Fishman is an award-winning problem solver, with over 20 years of expertise architecting, managing and deploying Microsoft technologies to elevate business experiences. His nickname comes from his ability to fix even the most challenging problems quickly. In fact, his dedication to exceeding client expectations is a bit legendary around here. Matt brings together technical know-how with a knack for creative solutions that do the trick for any client challenge.

If you’re in a panic about your IT, Matt’s your guy: his calm demeanor would suit him for a second career as a meditation guru. Relax and sit back while he whips up a new customized solution for you. He doesn’t back down from a challenge; just tell him “impossible” and it’s game on!

Matt’s most recent award is the prestigious Valo Contributor of the Year, 2017, and he’d like to thank Toby the dog for his unwavering support. When he is done being a hero, Matt loves to fish and travel with his family.

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