About Klarinet Solutions

Proper noun. 1. A provider of clear, simple and efficient digital workplace solutions, delivering what clients want and expect from their SharePoint and Office experiences. Origin: 1. From German klar “clear.”

Example of use: “Klarinet revolutionized the way we do business.”

Our Narrative & Culture

SharePoint, Intranet, Office 365 and Digital Workplaces. It’s all we do — all day, and every day. Many choose us because we’re award-winning. Clients stay with us and continue to recommend us because they know first-hand that we’re devoted to making today’s best technologies optimally efficient and easy to use — and because we’re genuinely nice people, too)!

We created Klarinet in 2010, and all three of our leaders have been working with intranets since 1998. We are proud to be Valo Success Story of the Year for 2018; and both Valo Partner, and Contributor of the Year for 2017.

We consistently exceed both our goals, and client expectations of providing superior custom-tailored approaches with Microsoft business environments—just ask our satisfied clients. Like most tech geeks, we never cease to get excited about new technology—but we’re even more interested in how we can apply it to make your business run more smoothly. You see, we have this crazy idea that companies should be focused on getting their work done, not arm-wrestling with the technology that’s supposed to be making their lives easier. In turn, this leads to employees who become more productive because they are happier to have a clear work-life balance.

We are located in Southern California (San Diego, to be exact), and provide companies across the United States with leading, customized digital workplace and modern office solutions that are simple to adopt, easy to use, and are cost-efficient.

While we love what we do, it’s our relationships with clients that warm our hearts, build trust and loyalty, and forge life-long friendships. If you decide to work with us, you’ll feel it too…stick around long enough, and we’ll tell you how Linda ended up buying a dream fairy playhouse for a (grown) client. See? There’s just no limit to what we’ll do for you.

Our Leadership

Linda Amaro

Linda Amaro Co-Founder and CEO

With 25+ years of experience, Linda is our fearless leader. Linda drives the innovation that continually propels us to meet our peak performance goals. Over her career, she has been the tech go-to person for over 700 CEOs. She’s also got some serious people skills—meet her and you’ll quickly realize how she turns the stereotype of quiet, withdrawn IT professionals on its head.

As an active partner in SUE Talks, Linda has developed a voice for business women everywhere. Her own “voice” is well-formed, and she’ll give it to you straight about how to elevate your digital workspace. (Or she might use her voice to sing along to her favorite OK GO videos—it just depends on the day).

She is an expert at strategically aligning corporate vision, both short and long-term, with the technologies that will serve best. Her consulting is driven by her commitment to help businesses get more out of the technologies they have and strategically identify needs. The queen of achieving career fulfillment and work-life balance, when Linda shuts the corporate door, she shifts to be an engaged grandmother and a board member for non-profits.

“I am inspired by OKGO’s video ‘The One Moment’ which is filmed in 4.3 seconds and put to a song that is 3:44 seconds long. To me it shows that life is measured in moments and at every moment there is an opportunity to make an impact. Whether I am serving on a community board, speaking at an event, volunteering at a local school, fundraising for a cause or working with a client’s management team to transform their business, nothing brings more fulfillment then making a positive difference. In technology, the world changes in a moment and our clients depend on us to keep them ahead of the curve.”

Daniel Amaro

Daniel Amaro Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Tech is in Daniel’s DNA; years ago, he hand-traced 2000 cables across two buildings and 600+ employees. Voluntarily. Some might call it a passion. Patient and creative, he’s our go-to for network system challenges and workflow solutions; he’s our team’s “Why not?!” guy. As for his own work-life balance, when he steps away from the desk, Daniel is an active volunteer, passionate about youth service and his work with San Diego Rotary Club. As a father, he’s a frequent flier at the San Diego Zoo.

Daniel has an MBA in Finance and New Venture Management and studied business administration at USD, UCLA and UCSD. He firmly believes that the right technology environment streamlines communication and collaboration while freeing teams to have better work-life balance.

“I work to live. ‘Living’ means spending time with my family, traveling, volunteering in the community with the San Diego Rotary Club and maybe going on a hike every once in a while. ‘Working’ means building a company that partners with clients who used to be sick and tired of not getting what they wanted out of SharePoint or Office 365. I love the work. If we do our job right, then that means a little more time for our clients to do some ‘living’ as well.”

Matt Fishman

Matt Fishman Co-Founder and Managing Partner

With over 20 years of expertise architecting, managing and deploying Microsoft technologies to elevate business experiences, Matt “Big Guns” Fishman is an award-winning problem solver. Matt’s most recent award is the prestigious Valo Contributor of the Year, 2017. His nickname comes from his uncanny ability to solve even the most challenging problems in the speed of light. In fact, his dedication to exceeding client expectations is a bit legendary. Matt brings together technical know-how with a knack for creative solutions that do the trick for any client challenge.

Matt’s calm demeanor would suit him for a second career as a meditation guru — so if you’re in a panic about your IT, Matt’s your guy — sit back and relax while he whips up a new customized solution for you. Just say the word, “impossible,” and it’s game on! Matt thanks Toby the dog for his unwavering support. And when he is done being a hero at the office, Matt loves to fish and travel with his family.

“I’ve worked with computers since I was 8 years old when my dad brought home an Atari 800XL Personal Computer with a Basic programming manual and told me to learn how to use it. Aside from my first job couple of jobs flipping pizzas, I haven’t stopped working with computers and technology. Helping organizations apply technology to complex business challenges is my passion.”

Our Partners