Proper noun. 1. A provider of clear, simple and efficient digital workplace solutions, delivering what clients want and expect from their SharePoint and Office experiences. Origin: 1. From German klar “clear.”

Example of use: “Klarinet revolutionized the way we do business.”

Our Mission

We believe that when people find purpose in their work and feel connected to their organizations, they produce greater results and lead more fulfilled lives.

Our mission is to empower organizations to deliver a clear vision and connect employees to their work, company and community.

We accomplish this by investing in customer relationships, getting to the root of digital workplace problems and designing modern solutions that work for the organization and its users.

What We Do

SharePoint, Intranet, Office 365 and Digital Workplaces. It’s all we do — all day, and every day. Many choose us because we’re award-winning. Clients stay with us and continue to recommend us because they know first-hand that we’re devoted to making today’s best technologies optimally efficient and easy to use — and because we’re genuinely nice people, too!

We founded Klarinet in 2010, and all three of our leaders have been working with intranets since 1998. We are proud to be Valo Success Story of the Year for 2018, and both Valo Partner and Contributor of the Year for 2017.

We consistently exceed both our goals, and client expectations of providing superior custom-tailored approaches with Microsoft business environments—just ask our satisfied clients. Like most tech geeks, we never cease to get excited about new technology—but we’re even more interested in how we can apply it to make your business run more smoothly.

You see, we have this crazy idea that companies should be focused on getting their work done, not arm-wrestling with the technology that’s making their lives harder. In turn, this leads to employees who become more productive because they are happier to have a clear work-life balance.

We are located in Southern California (San Diego, to be exact), and provide companies across the United States with leading, customized digital workplace and modern office solutions that are simple to adopt, easy to use, and are cost-efficient.

While we love what we do, it’s our relationships with clients that warm our hearts, build trust and loyalty, and forge life-long friendships. If you decide to work with us, you’ll feel it too. Stick around long enough, and we’ll tell you how Linda ended up buying a dream fairy playhouse for a (grown) client. See? There’s just no limit to what we’ll do for you.

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