SharePoint is one of the most widely used collaborative platforms globally and has become a critical tool for many organizations. It can be used to serve a variety of different functions with its robust capabilities, but we’ll get into the top 5 ways we’ve commonly seen SharePoint intranet being utilized amongst businesses that we work with.

Content Management System

SharePoint has built-in document workflows and a central document library, making it easy to use it as a content and document management system. SharePoint lets users work together on documents and spreadsheets simultaneously, and also integrates seamlessly with OneDrive and Microsoft 365 so information can be shared and accessed with ease across different platforms.

Administrators can create a clear site structure and choose to organize documents into libraries, as well as set up appropriate permissions for each team to control who has access to what content, making it easy to elevate collaboration and content management across the organization. By streamlining the document management process, you can improve efficiency within your organization.

Project Management Tool

Not only can SharePoint be utilized as a central content repository within your organization, but it can also serve as a great project management tool. You can create dedicated sites that bring together all relevant documents and tasks in one place and allow a place for discussion, as well as use the task list to assign tasks to team members with deadlines that ensure everyone stays on track.

In addition to this, SharePoint easily integrates with Microsoft Teams so that users can easily open and complete tasks from within the platform. By using SharePoint as a project management tool, your team can stay more organized with everything in one place, increasing collaboration and efficiency to deliver better results.

Event Management

In SharePoint, your team can easily share their calendars so that you can easily see when people are out of the office, as well as keep track of upcoming holidays, webinars, in-person events, tradeshows, conferences, on-site workshops, and more. In addition to this, you can add a newsletter to your SharePoint intranet site to keep people updated on events and initiatives around the organization.

SharePoint is a great way to help employees stay up-to-date and in the loop on events taking place around your organization, and is especially important these days with the increase in remote and hybrid work. By utilizing the SharePoint calendar and newsletter, you can help employees feel connected to the organization and improve employee satisfaction as a result.

Human Resources Portal

With SharePoint allowing automated workflows, we have found it to be very useful for Human Resources departments across various organizations. By utilizing workflows, you can use SharePoint as an HR portal that handles recruiting, onboarding, employee information management, training, and certifications.

In addition to this, SharePoint workflows can handle HR-related requests from employees, as well as assist with policy management and the creation, approval, and acknowledgement process. By utilizing SharePoint as an HR portal, you can simplify onboarding and save time that would otherwise be spent training new and existing employees.

Knowledge Base

Lastly, SharePoint can be used as a powerful knowledge management platform. By serving as a content management system/document repository, SharePoint can give users access to the information they need, but it can also be used as a knowledge base that everybody in your company has access to, and they can easily search for the information they need instantly.

Having all the essential resources that your employees need to perform their day-to-day roles in one place can help streamline the way your team accesses and shares knowledge, and with the version control feature in SharePoint you can ensure that the resources available to your users are up-to-date and they are accessing information that is still relevant to them.

Make the Most of your SharePoint Intranet

Whether you want to migrate to SharePoint intranet from scratch, or you already have a SharePoint intranet but aren’t making the most of it and are looking to utilize it to its fullest extent, Klarinet Solutions can help!

Our experts have years of experience deploying and upgrading SharePoint intranets to help organizations make the most of their investment in the Microsoft ecosystem, and we can help you utilize your SharePoint intranet as more than just an intranet. Get in touch with us today and we can work together to craft a solution tailored to the needs of your business.

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