We’ve talked and written a lot about how it’s crucial to design and manage your intranet with your users in mind. Luckily, if you’re running a SharePoint intranet, a lot of the information you need about how your team uses their intranet is available to you via SharePoint analytics. Seeing how users are accessing, engaging with, and searching for content can tell you a lot about the functionality of your intranet, making SharePoint analytics a great resource, and something you should be checking on a regular basis.

What Functions Does SharePoint Analytics Provide?

As a SharePoint site owner, you can view usage data for your intranet to determine how users are interacting with it. SharePoint analytics site usage reports provide information about:

  • Unique viewers
    This shows the total number of individual visitors to the site, regardless of how often they have visited.
  • Site visits
    This shows the total number of visits to the site for the time period selected, and the algorithm is designed to filter out repeat refreshes on the same page or document.
  • Average time spent per user
    This shows the trend of actual time spent by users on modern SharePoint site pages and news posts, only counting the time when the user is actively looking at the page.
  • Popular content
    This shows the most popular content on the site, and is usually sorted by site pages, news posts, and documents. Content can be sorted by unique viewers or total views.
  • Site traffic
    This shows the hourly trend of visits to the site and can be used to determine the best time to post news and big announcements.
  • Popular platforms
    This shows which platform most site traffic is coming from – desktop, mobile web, mobile app, or tablet.

You can also see analytics for specific pages, hub sites, or special cloud deployments of Microsoft 365, as well as edit permissions and access to this information.

Why You Need SharePoint Analytics

Monitoring reports generated by SharePoint analytics is essential to optimize your performance and gather insights into your site. If your site is running but nobody is monitoring it to see what’s working and what’s not, you may not know whether your team members find it useful, and this could impact levels of employee satisfaction throughout your organization.

SharePoint analytics allows you to download weekly, monthly, or quarterly site usage reports to review if you need to make changes to your site. This way, you can find out how many people are seeing the news and announcements you are posting, and how much time they are spending on these pages.

How Velocity Site Metrics Expand on SharePoint Analytics

While SharePoint analytics does provide information on SharePoint site performance, we realize that you may want additional insights that aren’t provided with the out-of-the-box functionality.

Keeping this in mind, Klarinet Solutions has developed Velocity Site Metrics, which uncovers key intranet insights, including real-time user trends, activity flows, and search queries, to optimize your platform and increase team engagement.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Velocity Site Metrics:

  • Customize dashboards
  • Click heatmaps
  • Record sessions
  • Track visitors in real-time
  • Customize visitor segments

Velocity Site Metrics was built to drive intranet improvement and promote stronger collaboration, as intranet navigation can be tough and frustrating to use without proper visibility, which drives down user engagement.

The Experts at Klarinet Solutions Can Help You Implement Velocity Site Metrics for Your SharePoint Intranet

With Velocity Site Metrics, you can create custom dashboards that provide a clear view of intranet user patterns, leverage intranet analytics data to strengthen internal communications, and reach new levels of intranet user engagement and adoption by learning what users want.

Learn more about how our Velocity Site Metrics solution can help improve your intranet or reach out to the experts at Klarinet Solutions directly so we can help you come up with a customized digital workplace solution.

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