Microsoft’s AI technology, Copilot, was previously introduced for Microsoft 365 applications and SharePoint, and will be rolling out for Microsoft Viva later in 2023 to help organizations improve workforce productivity and engagement. Let’s dive deeper into what Viva Copilot entails and how it will help streamline processes within organizations.

What is Microsoft Viva Copilot?

Microsoft acknowledges the importance of prioritizing employee engagement to provide better business outcomes and successes, which is why they are introducing Microsoft Viva Copilot, next-generation AI designed to boost productivity and engagement across organizations. Viva Copilot is built on the Microsoft 365 Copilot system, which harnesses the power of Microsoft 365 apps, large language models (LLMs), and data from the Microsoft Graph. Viva Copilot also utilizes the data from Viva apps to help you engage with and understand your workforce to boost productivity.

Just like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Microsoft Viva Copilot inherits your security, compliance, and privacy policies to adhere to Microsoft’s approach to Responsible AI. Let’s dive into some of the ways Viva Copilot can simplify your day-to-day processes.

Viva Copilot Features

Viva Copilot offers a variety of features to help boost engagement and productivity in your organization, including:

  • Simplified Goal Setting
    Copilot in Viva Goals simplifies goal setting by providing draft OKR (objectives and key results) recommendations based on existing documents, summarizing status, identifying blockers, consolidating data, and suggesting next steps.
  • Personalized Messages
    Copilot in Viva Engage helps leaders create posts by providing prompts or trending topics, and these posts can be personalized by suggesting edits to tone and length, to help drive authenticity and engagement.
  • Tailored Training
    Copilot in Viva Learning suggests curated learning collections and tailored knowledge summaries for specific roles, making it easier to train your employees and enabling them to carry out their day-to-day roles more effectively.

You can easily utilize Microsoft Viva features within your Microsoft Teams environment, and can even bring your intranet into Microsoft Teams with Viva Connections.

Benefits of Copilot in Microsoft Viva

By utilizing the various features offered by Viva Copilot, you can help boost engagement and productivity within your organization. Viva Copilot can help you drive clarity and alignment across your workforce and uplevel communication and equip employees for success.

In addition to this, you can now use data to measure and continuously improve your business with Microsoft Viva Glint, which helps organizations improve employee engagement to drive business outcomes.

Copilot in Microsoft Viva Glint

Microsoft Viva Glint is joining the Viva Suite this month, and Copilot will also be coming. With Copilot for Glint, you will be able to summarize and analyze employee comments, use intuitive organization-wide surveys to better understand your employees, and drive feedback by asking questions through natural language. You will be able to aggregate this employee engagement data with data from Viva Insights and the Microsoft Graph to continuously improve engagement and performance with recommended actions.

With Viva Glint, you can recommend key insights to the right people and recommend personalized action plans to improve team performance and track progress. Viva Glint is designed to accelerate your ability to understand, engage, and develop your team.

Let Klarinet Solutions Help You Leverage Viva Copilot

Microsoft Viva is a useful but perhaps somewhat underutilized tool that can help you elevate employee engagement and productivity throughout your organization. With Copilot coming to Microsoft Viva, it will only make the Viva Suite more powerful and robust.

Get in touch with our digital workplace experts to discuss how you can bring Microsoft Viva and your company intranet into your Microsoft Teams environment to cohesively elevate your business processes.

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