Microsoft previously integrated Copilot with Microsoft 365 and is now introducing the generative AI technology to SharePoint to help users build more compelling SharePoint sites and pages that boost engagement within their SharePoint intranet. Let’s dive into what the integration of artificial intelligence with SharePoint will look like, as well as some of the other innovations that will elevate user experience in SharePoint.

Leverage Simpler Authoring with SharePoint Copilot

SharePoint is one of the most flexible content platforms globally, and SharePoint adoption continues to accelerate as users continue to add documents, folders, lists, pages, videos, and more. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft is adding Copilot to SharePoint to make it quicker and easier to build more compelling content.

Using the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), data from the Microsoft Graph, and best practices for creating engaging web content, Copilot will turn your words from existing documents or presentations into SharePoint sites and pages. If you describe a site or page, Copilot will create a draft for you and then work alongside you to update or edit it, saving you time normally spent on setting up SharePoint sites.

By introducing Copilot to SharePoint, users will be able to use natural language and AI to author SharePoint pages more efficiently. In addition to Copilot, Microsoft is also introducing a new SharePoint home page and coauthoring experiences to more easily collaborate with other users in real time.

The updated SharePoint home page will feature templates for newsletters, brochure sites, event announcements, and more to make it easier than ever to get started with creating sites and pages. The coauthoring feature will make sharing a page as easy as it is to share a document, enhancing the collaborative capabilities of SharePoint.

Create Compelling Content for your SharePoint Intranet

To elevate employee experience and help create engaging digital content, SharePoint’s aesthetic capabilities are expanding. Microsoft is putting a greater focus on design and branding and will automatically update SharePoint over time to reflect this.

The new Brand Center in SharePoint will allow users to specify fonts, colors, logos, and other design elements that reflect their organization, and these new branding elements will be reusable across sites. In addition to a new Brand Center, the new image editor will provide advanced editing capabilities like shape cropping, color adjusting, adding filters, and overlaying text.

Another feature coming to SharePoint is a new content pane that enables you to quickly browse and add content from across your SharePoint sites by providing recommendations and suggestions. The new content pane will make it easier and faster to build out lots of content and will suggest layouts automatically to organize your content in a visually appealing way.

Generate Deeper Engagement with your SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint pages will now be able to integrate with email, allowing you to preview and send full news posts as emails to inboxes. Microsoft is adding 6 templates designed for email and the web to help you get started, as well as unifying analytics to help you see total page reads across SharePoint and Outlook together.

Microsoft has made it simpler to connect SharePoint to Teams by enabling page editing right inside Teams. Making content available right in the hub for teamwork has enhanced collaboration across many organizations and the use of SharePoint within Teams has doubled in the past year.

Lastly, Microsoft Viva is the employee experience and engagement platform built within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, bringing together tools needed for communication and feedback, analytics, and goals. Viva also helps generate reach and engagement on SharePoint content by putting SharePoint news right inside your customizable company app and allowing you to share pages to Viva Engage directly from SharePoint.

Microsoft Viva Amplify, currently in private preview, will help you further elevate your communications with premium analytics, publishing across multiple channels in M365, and managing entire campaign workflows. Viva Amplify will help you embrace SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage, and all other communication tools fully.

Work with Klarinet Solutions to Elevate your SharePoint Intranet

As SharePoint is such a widely used communication tool, Microsoft is constantly making updates to it, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Luckily, at Klarinet Solutions, we are experts in all things SharePoint and can help you upgrade or implement a SharePoint intranet that meets the needs of your organization, as well as help you leverage new features as they get released.

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