When were Intranets Created?

In 1998, I started working on Intranets. I had no idea what they were that first day on the job, but I quickly learned the importance of sharing information across an organization in an easy way. There was one humongous problem, though: maintaining it was horrible – hence the reason I was hired in the first place. Things evolved slowly, but then quickly accelerated.​

The first few years consisted of working with simple pages with text and links. Think of it as a clunky Wiki-like site. When features came out to add any kind of “flare” we quickly adopted it, to attract users and make the experience better. This quickly turned into gaudy sites with some designs that embarrass us today, much like those awkward school pictures from high school (at least for me, anyway).​

But through all of that, Intranets have gotten so much better.​

Now: In 2019, the digital workplace significantly improved!​ With the advent of Office 365, organizations of all sizes now have access to the technical features necessary to store information securely, share it internally and externally, communicate with teams, and ultimately increase transparency, trust, and employee engagement. Office 365 provides a very sophisticated set of applications designed to make organizations more productive and efficient. To make the most out of your investment, Klarinet Solutions supports your organization to unify and maximize these 0365 applications to support business objectives, culture, and success. Our goal is to provide an effortless and complete experience for employees in a perpetually growing digital workplace environment.

If you are still uncertain, TAKE A LOOK. If you have not seen the latest features in Office 365 with Valo Intranet, you really should explore some of the awesome things you can do: https://www.valointranet.com/tour/.​

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