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Our Clients


Linda Amaro

Linda Amaro Co-Founder and CEO

Linda drives the innovation that continually propels us to meet our peak performance goals. Over her career, she has been the tech go-to person for over 700 CEOs. Read more…

Daniel Amaro

Daniel Amaro Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Daniel firmly believes that the right technology environment streamlines communication and collaboration while freeing teams to have better work-life balance. Read more…

Matt Fishman

Matt Fishman Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Matt is an award-winning problem solver. His most recent award being Valo Contributor of the Year, 2017. With over 20 years of expertise architecting Microsoft technologies, Read more…

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sharepoint modern experience
Your Guide to SharePoint Modern Experience
What is Modern SharePoint?  Modern SharePoint is a collaborative, flexible, and user-friendly solution to the demands of today’s digital workplace.   What might those demands be?   Rapidly evolving organizations  Prevalence of virtual collaboration  Ubiquity of Mobile     The SharePoint modern experience empowers end-users to create, edit, and customize sites to their preference. The goal is
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Tech Talk : A guide to Power Apps
Tech Talk: A Guide to Power Apps
Microsoft Power Platform When Daniel asked me to conduct a Tech Talk on Power Apps, I simply said: “finally.” Essentially, Power Apps is an incredible tool that any person, from any educational background, any prior experience, can hop into and start learning and contributing. You may already know all about
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Parent Child Lists in SharePoint
I'm going to keep this simple. I have a request and I have an approver task list. In the Approver task list I create a column called RequestID. When the task is created I write the ID of the Request to the Task Column RequestID.
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Largest Southeast Law & Legal Firm
CHALLENGE: This prestigious law firm found it challenging to unite their community, connect across the board, and most of all find folks and information. With members and employees spread across their headquarter to international countries, it was necessary to institute structure and stability within their organization.
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