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Tech Tip: Leverage a People Finder in your Organization

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Modern Digital Workplace?

Let’s say that you work for a company that has offices in multiple locations and cities. Those offices span many floors, and each floor has seemingly endless cubicles. How do you know where a person’s desk is? More so, how can you find any information related to your work or the right expert to help you with a task? Not to mention, this gets a lot more complicated when trying to find and communicate with someone that works remotely or in a different city.

Lack of communication can wreak havoc on the productivity of individual employees, teams, and organizations. And when productivity goes down the drain, it finds its way to affect the experience of valued customers. Finding the right expert and information efficiently once took hours away from an employee’s day. However, a modern digital workplace allows you to find who you need in a matter of clicks, introducing People Finder.


People Finder

In a recent project with a client, I designed and implemented a People’s Finder app that would help a client search up any individuals within their company. After this implementation, this firm’s lawyers, assistants, paralegals, clerks, secretaries, and other personnel can collaborate and easily find each other either remotely, virtually, or in-person. People Finder operated like a digital directory, but this is not the only digital tool in the program.


people finder

As part of a Valo implementation, I migrated an existing PHP/MySQL-based “Office Seat Map” application to Azure and delivered it as a SharePoint Add-in part. Simply put, it allows a user to find the physical location of a co-worker and ties perfectly into Valo Expertise Finder.

Finally, to complete the whole project, I created an advanced employee directory that allows a user to find a colleague using minimal clicks. This can be tailored for any organization, depending on what communication channels/directories they need the most. Customizable advanced search features can look up people based on titles, expertise, projects, relevant information, department, files created, office location, remote location, and so on.

Most organizations struggle in pinpointing which business processes need improvement and taking a strategic initiative to fix those holes. This simple yet necessary business solution saved hours of time and effort from our client and their employees.


office 365 people finder



The client was extremely pleased with the result of this project. It was almost like the clouds parted, and rays of sunshine came streaming down from the heavens showing the way. Now, members can find all their colleagues, stay connected, and earn immediate access to all the information they need.


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