Microsoft’s Power Apps lets users create business applications based on their own data with no programming or development skills needed. It has a powerful visual interface that allows users to quickly and easily create sophisticated apps with just a few clicks of the mouse. They can be connected to a variety of data sources, including cloud-based services, on-premises databases, and more. The Klarinet team leverages Power Apps all the time to customize and enhance our clients’ intranet solutions, because they make it simpler to automate processes and save time. Here we’ll share just a few examples of Power Apps Klarinet’s consultants have created recently.

Idea Management Power Apps

engagement ideas power apps

One of Klarinet’s clients was doing group trainings, and wanted a way for their managers to share their ideas for different types of ice-breaker activities or other team engagement ideas with the group. Klarinet built this idea management portal based on using a SharePoint list that allows users to enter their activity name and instructions, along with what kind of group it is good for, what the main purpose of the activity is, and even attach images or a link to where the idea came from. Users can then search the portal or filter to find activities that meet their needs.
(And by the way – if you’re searching for a fun collaborative activity for large or small groups, we’d highly recommend you give Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower a whirl. You will not be disappointed.)


Employee Praise Power Apps

Power Apps for Employee Praise
You know Klarinet is all about employee recognition, so we always love creating employee praise apps!  This client specifically wanted a way to showcase peer-to-peer recognition within their organization, so we created this recognition wall using Power Apps. It also provides a spotlight for the quarter that will highlight top recipients and senders of peer-to-peer employee praise. This is a great way to develop and encourage a company culture of support and teamwork, and makes it fun and easy for the whole organization to get involved.

Power Apps to Highlight Special Dates

Power Apps for Date Recognition

Another simple way to recognize your employees is to celebrate special dates, whether it’s their work anniversary, a specific number of years of service, or even their birthday. This is an example of an employee recognition tool we created for a client that wanted to celebrate employee birthdays and anniversaries – all this information is included in the user profile so it’s easy to pull together. This is a split screen option that shows both the anniversaries for the current month as well as birthdays that are today or a set amount of time in the future. This is showing +7 days, but that’s customizable. Other team members can even leave comments and GIFs on the post, and you can set up notifications to be in real-time or to be sent as a digest of all the comments they receive at the end of the month.


Power App Forms

Not everything is as fun as building a tower out of marshmallows or celebrating a birthday, but forms are a key part of many of clients’ business processes. This client wanted to replicate their paper form digitally, in a way that looked identical to the paper version. This is to make the transition to digital forms as seamless and simple as possible.

Power Apps for Forms

This is a contract approval form, so the contract is attached, and the meta-data entered here is applied to the contract. Depending on the type of contract, there will be a different approval process. We then use Power Automate to send email notifications to direct the relevant people to the app to complete their portion of the process until the whole process is complete. In addition, admins can monitor the progress of each approval on a dashboard. Not having to manually send each email and chase each person down to move the process along and being able to see progress at a glance is a major time-saver. Anytime you can replace a manual process like this with a Power App, we think that’s a win.

Let Klarinet Solutions Help You Save Time with Power Apps!

Not sure exactly how to best leverage Power Apps for your organization?  As experts in all things Microsoft, we’re perfectly positioned to help you determine where Power Apps can fit into your digital workplace to save you time and help you build and maintain your company culture.

As digital workplace experts, we work with you to determine which solutions best meet your goals. Get in touch with us today!


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