The start of a new year is the perfect moment to reflect on our progress in the past year and envision the path ahead. Join us as we revisit some highlights from 2023 and share our mission to redefine workplace transformation. As we forge ahead into 2024, we are committed to providing tailored solutions aimed at empowering your organization’s digital evolution.

Digital Workplace Awards and Recognitions

The Klarinet team was honored to receive a number of recognitions this year, including being named to the Inc 5000, a list that highlights the fastest growing private companies in the USA. Klarinet  demonstrated an impressive 215% growth in three years. Earning a spot on the list was a testament to Klarinet’s dedication and commitment to delivering tailored industry-leading digital workplace solutions.

Klarinet started 2023 strong, being named San Diego’s Top Cloud Consulting Firm and Top Global ECM Provider. These awards hold significant value as they are predominantly determined by client reviews, highlighting the trust and satisfaction our clients place in our services. These recognitions serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and reaffirm our dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Klarinet was also recognized as the Staffbase Rising Star (North America). This award reflects our dedication and innovation as a Staffbase partner, specifically in revolutionizing employee communications. The collaborative efforts between Klarinet Solutions and Staffbase have been pivotal in propelling both organizations to success.

In addition to Klarinet’s recognitions, our Co-Founder and President Daniel Amaro was selected to participate in the renowned ‘Impact Lead’ program through the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. Impact Lead San Diego is an immersive 10-month journey designed for mid- to senior-level managers, providing a comprehensive platform to address key regional issues and industries. This opportunity gave Daniel a chance to help build a bridge between local businesses like Klarinet and non-profits to create a positive impact in the community.

Microsoft Partner Excellence

We were delighted to achieve the Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner designation in 2023. This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for modern workplaces and our dedication to providing top-notch services within the Microsoft ecosystem. It’s a testament to our ongoing efforts to enhance our offerings and better serve our clients’ evolving needs.

In addition, we were excited to publish a variety of new offerings on AppSource. These consulting services are all dedicated to helping organizations make the most of their digital workplaces by quickly getting up to speed and fully leveraging Microsoft 365 technologies.

  • File Share to SharePoint Migration Quickstart
  • Cloud Security Baseline Deployment Package
  • SharePoint Intranet Quickstart Deployment: 4-week Implementation
  • Microsoft Teams Quickstart Deployment
  • Digital Workplace Road Map

klarinet sharepoint digital workplace service on appsource

Events and Knowledge-Sharing

Throughout 2023, Klarinet actively engaged in industry events and knowledge-sharing initiatives, solidifying our commitment to staying at the forefront of digital workplace advancements. We were honored to participate in prestigious gatherings such as the Microsoft 365 Conference in May and the Voices by Staffbase Conference, where we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the latest trends and innovations shaping the digital landscape. These events provided invaluable insights (some of which we highlighted on the blog here and here, allowing us to refine our strategies and solutions to better serve our clients’ evolving needs.

We were also thrilled to be able to share our expertise through a series of impactful webinars, serving as a platform to disseminate knowledge across diverse audiences. The topics included 5 Must-Dos for Intranet Success in 2024, Mastering Secure External Sharing in Microsoft 365, the Top 5 Things You Can Do to Secure Your Microsoft 365 Environment, and How to Get the Most Value from SharePoint Analytics.

These webinars delved into crucial topics and offered practical insights into optimizing digital workplaces.

Additionally, Klarinet hosted client-exclusive monthly TechTalks, fostering collaborative spaces where we share industry expertise, updates, and valuable tips.

These events were pivotal in expanding our knowledge base and reinforcing our commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ digital transformation journeys.


What is Klarinet’s 2024 Outlook?

In 2024, Klarinet is poised to elevate its brand and reinforce its commitment to empowering clients in their digital workplace journeys. Embracing the mantra of “elevate your workplace” we aim to redefine the digital workspace experience.

With a sharpened focus on clients’ evolving needs, we’re dedicated to forming technology partnerships that go beyond conventional solutions. Our primary goal remains centered on raising workplace connectivity and efficiency while enhancing the employee experience and work-life balance.

Klarinet’s approach is tailored and purpose-built, emphasizing individualized solutions leveraging our extensive Microsoft technology expertise. Our mission is to empower organizations and their workforce in navigating the digital era by facilitating connectivity, productivity, and fulfillment.

Looking ahead, our strategy is crystal clear: deliver proactive, personalized digital workplace solutions. We’re not just a service provider; we’re active allies in your digital transformation journey. Our mission is to elevate workplaces by instilling greater connectivity, productivity, and purpose, enabling both organizations and employees to flourish in the modern work landscape.

Moreover, our efforts will focus on brand updates that better reflect our commitment to elevating workplaces. We aim to empower clients through our revamped brand identity, aligning our vision of workplace transformation with their aspirations for a more efficient and fulfilling work environment. Through these endeavors, Klarinet remains dedicated to its role as a driving force in your digital workplace evolution.

Elevate Your Digital Workplace in 2024

If you’re ready to take the next step toward an elevated workplace in 2024, get in touch! We’d love to help you along your journey.

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