The Microsoft 365 Conference 2023 took place in Las Vegas, NV from May 2nd to 4th. This event attracted experts from Microsoft and around the globe, sharing their experiences and expertise on a broad range of topic related to Microsoft 365. A team from Klarinet Solutions attended the conference, and now we’re sharing our key takeaways with you.

Microsoft 365 Conference 2023 Day 1 Highlights: Introducing the New Era of Work

The first day was packed with groundbreaking revelations, setting the tone for the rest of the conference. The major highlights were:

Two Paradigm Shifts: The keynote highlighted two key shifts in the modern workspace – flexible work and AI. Emphasizing the ushering of a new era of work, the focus was on boosting productivity anywhere, leveraging responsible AI.

Co-pilot Helper: Microsoft 365 is making tasks easier with the introduction of co-pilot helpers across all its apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. For instance, the Outlook co-pilot can summarize emails and aid users in responding using content from Excel or PowerPoint.

SharePoint Updates: SharePoint has been revamped with a new UX, enabling co-authoring of site pages. It now boasts a brand center for corporate identity, video templates, image editing capabilities, and a co-pilot to build a page from a PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Syntex and Co-pilot vs. Search: Microsoft Syntex was spotlighted as a powerful tool for the future. The co-pilot, leveraging the Microsoft Graph API, is envisioned to outdo traditional search functionality.

Viva Integration: Viva, Microsoft’s Employee Experience Platform, was also discussed, with its integration into various areas of the platform from Teams to SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 Conference 2023 Day 2 Highlights: Democratizing AI with Power Platform

The second day deepened the exploration into the era of AI co-pilots:

Keynote on Power Platform: The keynote underlined the significance of the AI co-pilot in Power Automate. This feature allows users to interactively create an app, making the platform more accessible to everyone.

OpenAI in Power Virtual Agent: Users can now direct OpenAI to their data, enabling them to create their personalized GPT for business needs.

Co-pilot in Power Platform and OpenAI in Power Platform: The conference showcased how co-pilot operates alongside Power Platform for developers, Microsoft 365 for developers, and SharePoint Framework.

Viva Purpose: Viva Purpose was introduced for setting goals and managing objectives and key results (OKRs) throughout an organization. It visualizes alignment of goals across the organization.

Co-pilot, GitHub, and SharePoint Framework: A live demonstration showed how co-pilot, GitHub, and SharePoint Framework can streamline code writing for developers, potentially saving 88% of their time.

Klarinet Connects Keeps You Up To Date

The Microsoft 365 Conference 2023 was a milestone highlighting the future of work with a focus on AI capabilities and democratization of the platform for everyone. Stay tuned for further updates and insights from the Klarinet Team about this empowering event. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to if you want to learn how your organization can leverage these developments!

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