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Klarinet Solutions takes immense pride in working with one of the largest law firms in the Southeast. With over 300 attorneys, a long history of civic service, and noted international, national, regional, and local clients, they rank among the Southeast’s preeminent and fastest-growing full-service law firms. They are currently headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and maintains an office in Charleston, SC.

Law & Legal Services

Valo Implementation


INDUSTRY: Law & Legal Services

MARKET: Global

SIZE: 700+ Members


Their success has allowed them to significantly expand their facilities, open new locations, and branch out their services on a global scale. However, this prestigious law firm was finding it hard to:

• Unite their community and establish an identity.

• Connect and communicate across the board

• Efficiently find the right people and information.


With employees scattered across domestic and international offices, it was necessary to establish structure and stability within their community. Their old intranet failed to deliver reliable connectivity and wasn’t customized enough to fulfill some basic functionalities.

In 2018, they decided to take a courageous leap of faith by modernizing their digital workplace platform. Their goal was to improve internal and external business processes and cultivate a stronger community. They wanted a technology that could streamline their business processes and provide an authentic and well-organized home site with customized social apps and features. (e.g., people finder, latest news, events, popular links, information directory, yammer, office maps, requests, and expert resources).

Also, they hoped to provide flexibility to all of their members. For example, they wanted their attorneys, who frequently traveled, to work from airports, homes, and client sites worldwide. Ultimately, they were looking for an engaging, secure, and an “anytime and anywhere” accessible digital workplace platform.


After providing a demo of a tailored modern digital workplace and reviewing appropriate Office 365 collaboration tools, this well-recognized law firm decided to partner with Klarinet Solutions.

We deployed a custom Valo Intranet with strong content management capabilities and created social features via Power Apps and Power Automate. We also provided expert consulting on leveraging Office 365 business collaboration tools. Finally, as part of a Valo implementation, Klarinet migrated an existing PHP/MySQL-based “office seat map” application to Azure and delivered it as a SharePoint Add-in Web Part. Simply put, it allows a user to find the physical location and ties perfectly into Valo Expertise Finder. Klarinet migrated the old intranet and collaboration content to Office 365. Furthermore, we optimized information architecture and security using Microsoft best practices.

Outcome and Benefits

Our partnership with this prestigious law firm has led to collaboration on Office 365 platforms and positively impacted their organization’s culture and communication. These are some of the benefits of our partnership:

• Highly compatible modern intranet platform with well-structured collaboration channels that increase employee engagement and performance.

• Ability to satisfy communications/productivity needs of the firm regardless of their size, location, working style, and devices in use.

• By improving the business processes of law services and case management, the firm can quickly access important information/people and decrease work and cycle time.

Customer Testimonial

“The digital platform Klarinet Solutions deployed has saved all of us a tremendous amount of time and effort. Communicating with the right folks has never been so simple, I would really like to thank the Solutions Delivery team at Klarinet who continue updating us with the best technology and are of great help whenever we need them.”

Project Manager, Information Systems

Law & Legal Services

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