Deploying Microsoft 365 platforms like Microsoft Teams or a SharePoint intranet are some of the smartest moves you can make in terms of boosting communication and collaboration for your team. And both are big, complex projects, so we don’t blame you if once they’re up and running, you’re tempted to slip into a “set it and forget it” mentality. However, that attitude could lead to you missing out on a lot of the value Microsoft 365 platforms have to offer. Microsoft is constantly improving and updating its products, and your organization needs to keep on top these updates to keep your systems functioning smoothly and to make sure you’re not missing out! If your team doesn’t have the expertise and/or bandwidth to take on management of these systems, hiring an outside company to provide Microsoft 365 managed services is your best bet.

What Are Managed Services for Microsoft 365?

Managed Services refers to services or tasks that are handled by a third-party organization (a managed services provider) on an ongoing basis. For most providers, that means handling the administration and maintenance of your Microsoft and SharePoint systems to keep everything running efficiently. Most managed services providers offer ongoing monitoring and maintenance of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint solutions for a monthly fee. However, as Microsoft itself offers support and maintenance, paying a managed service provider for these services is not always necessary. Some managed service providers also solve technical issues as they arise, and add or improve features in order to keep your system operating smoothly with a high level of performance.


What Sets Klarinet’s Microsoft 365 Managed Services Offerings Apart?

In our experience, customers don’t want to spend their IT dollars on ensuring their Microsoft 365 system is simply running smoothly, they want to spend them addressing and solving their business challenges. As experts in all things Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and intranets, Klarinet Solutions is the ideal managed services provider to help you address the specific business challenges you face. Klarinet Solutions takes a more proactive and collaborative approach to managed services for Microsoft 365.

Klarinet has monthly meetings with our managed services clients to ensure everything is moving forward. We use Velocity Site Metrics, a SharePoint analytics tool built and engineered by Klarinet Solutions’ expert architects, to gather data. This lets us take a proactive approach by providing an understanding of SharePoint user behavior so we can drive intranet improvement and promote stronger collaboration. Velocity Site Metrics allows us monitor site usage and flag any issues or areas for improvement.

Klarinet also offers our managed services clients exclusive access to monthly “Tech Talks”. These are client-only webinars where experts from the Klarinet team break down new features, updates, changes, or anything else you need to know about what’s new or coming up from Microsoft, and how it will impact you.

Klarinet Solutions works with you from day one, providing roadmap and strategy services to help you plan out your Microsoft technology investments and guide you along your cloud journey. We help you realize exponential ROI from your business apps by designing Microsoft 365 applications and policies that simplify the way your team works.

Managed Services Meeting

Get the Skills You Needs, When You Need Them

Hiring all the expertise you’d need to do all this is simply not feasible – or necessary. Most companies only need these skills on occasion. That’s why Klarinet’s managed services make sense. When you partner with Klarinet Solutions, you gain access to team with a wide variety of niche skills and resources. We have team members who are experts in Microsoft 365 cloud security to ensure only the right users have access to the software they need and are not allowed to share company IP. We have team members who can help you automate business systems and create complex business applications using the Power Platform. We help keep your staff trained and onboard new employees to get them up to speed with the modern way of collaborating.  We even help keep you up to date (without getting overwhelmed) by sharing and explaining the relevant new Microsoft 365 features and functionalities on a monthly basis.

With our 10+ years of Microsoft digital workplace expertise, we’re an excellent addition to plug into your existing IT team to provide the specialized skills you need when you need them. Get in touch today to learn how Klarinet Solutions’ managed services can work for you!



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