Demystify the Microsoft 365 Platform Webinar Recap

Microsoft 365 (M365) has over 30 different applications. While you may not use all of them, failure to implement some governance level for your critical and frequently used applications can lead to chaos and an overwhelming experience down the road. As we kick off 2021, organizations will most likely need to adapt to new remote and hybrid working patterns. If you are just getting started with navigating through Microsoft’s robust toolset of applications, updates, and features, it can feel like trying to take a sip from a fire hose. You don’t have to do it all at once. This past January, Klarinet Solution’s Matt Fishman, Managing Director and Orchestry’s, 6x Microsoft MVP and CEO, Michal Pisarek teamed up to help you demystify your Microsoft 365 platform and unlock its full potential. In this article, we will recap some of the most important pieces of advice that were mentioned. Our goal is to help you approach your Microsoft 365 in a comprehensible and enthusiastic manner. Let’s get started!

Overview of Microsoft 365 Platform 

As you look to get a grip on your Microsoft Journey, most of you may be asking yourself what exactly is Microsoft 365. Ultimately, Microsoft 365 is designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

  • Teamwork: Collaborate, meet, call and connect business apps in one place with Teams
  • On the go: easily transition between computer to mobile device
  • Harness Organizational Knowledge: Turn data into insights and empower employees with the information and expertise needed to get their work done
  • Information Protection: Modern security, risk, and compliance management

Microsoft 365 provides a vast range of tools to meet organizations’ collaboration needs regardless of their location, management, size, working style, and devices. However, when organizations first adopt M365, some expect that collaboration will just happen and that communication will become engaging and painless. But in reality, when administrators launch a Microsoft 365 platform without any training, guidance, or tool governance, users end up confused quickly. This can lead to a lack of adoption and users reverting back to what they are used to (email, Dropbox, and file share). The absence of training and an adoption strategy usually results in little to no improvement in collaboration. The struggle is also evident for administrators who are trying to deploy multiple Microsoft tools to 10 to +10,000 users in their organization.  In the COVID age, many organizations that have moved forward with the Microsoft 365 platform are using the platform’s most popular tool: Microsoft Teams. Teams are one of the most successful enterprise solution apps, allowing businesses to manage their teams, drive productivity, and connect people through all devices enterprise-wide. Microsoft Teams (currently +115 million active users) provides unprecedented flexibility levels to companies and their users while also delivering excellent conferencing tools, document management/sharing capabilities, access controls, and collaboration solutions. The Forrester – The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams report estimates an ROI of around 30 million – a 3-year benefit for a standard 5000 employee organization using Teams*.

Demystifying Your Microsoft 365 Toolset

Microsoft 365 has many different tools, with more coming that can be used in various scenarios. Unfortunately, this plethora of tools also means that there is almost too much choice. Why?

  • Too Many Tools: The number of tools keeps growing within Microsoft 365.
  • Too Much Overlap: There is much overlap in functionality between the various tools.
  • Too Much Velocity: New functionality keeps adding to existing tools, new tools keep getting added. Microsoft 365 is not a static platform. The updates that occur daily are beneficial for users and admin.

If you are feeling confused about all the choices that Microsoft 365 provides, you are not alone – it is one of the main challenges that all organizations face. However, putting together the right system for these tools to work within your organization is critical for business success. We recognize that there is no one size that fits all solution. Let us take a look at your environment and give you the best Microsoft 365 advice moving forward. Book a demo now

When it comes to your Microsoft 365 experience, we want to make it as seamless and intuitive as possible. Developing a Microsoft 365 strategy for an organization requires a dive deep into business requirements, users, and the internal team that manages the strategy.

Still Confused About Your Microsoft 365?

Klarinet Solution is an award-winning digital workplace, intranet, and SharePoint consulting base. Our mission is to empower organizations to deliver a clear vision and connect employees to their work, company, and community. We help organizations overcome these hurdles of doubt, confusion, and uncertainty regarding Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint. Our goal is to empower organizations to make the most of their digital workplace investment by utilizing all the best strategies at the right time and without any restrictions. To learn more about how to create, govern, and optimize your business with Microsoft 365, contact us now!

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