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Like most Microsoft 365 users, your day usually begins and ends on Microsoft Teams. Most of your work time is then spent on your organization’s intranet collaborating on projects, accessing apps, as well as bouncing on Teams to communicate, meet, and collaborate throughout the day. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted users away from their intranet and has cast users’ attention on Microsoft Teams. We have listened to our clients and have found a way to bring the world’s most popular tool to the forefront of their digital workplace experience. 

Together with Valo, we are leveraging Valo Connect, an intuitive tool that can bring all your internal communications inside Microsoft Teams. You longer need to leave your Microsoft Teams app. With Valo Connect, we are bringing your intranet to you.  

Valo Connect consolidates your enterprise portal and tools within Microsoft Teams. A digital workplace solution that enhances the best of SharePoint intranet and Microsoft 365, all integrated on Microsoft Teams. There are plenty of benefits of having your intranet in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has rapidly become the platform for co-innovation, collaboration, and communication. Most recently, Microsoft Teams just surpassed 115 million daily active users, a number that’s risen by 53 percent since early May when last published by Microsoft. It is no coincidence that Microsoft Teams is one of the leading corporate communication tools. However, our team passionately believes that to have the best modern digital workplace, your team should leverage both intranets and Microsoft Teams so employees can be more productive, more engaged, and more connected. 

As workplaces adapt and hybrid working patterns become the new normal, it makes sense for employees to have access to a digital workplace that combines communication capabilities, collaboration channels, and organizational information, so users can do everything they need to do in a single place. 

Here we explore five reasons why you should combine your intranet and Microsoft Teams platform:

  1. Simplify your SharePoint Experience and Microsoft 365 Access

By integrating an intranet into Microsoft Teams, users do not have to search for information on the two platforms. From within a single platform, they can see their data from Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and from any application coming from Power Apps. Therefore, by combining the two platforms, the end users can be more productive, engaged, and versatile. 

  1. Encourage Team Collaboration, Document Management, and Task Completion

We recognize that starting a project, collaborating with others, and approving documents can be complicated, especially when all team members have their own ecosystems, contributions, and plans. Yet, by combining both the intranet’s power within Microsoft Teams, users can organize the work, create their small communities, and delegate their team all within one interactive project place. This helps drive innovation, efficiency, and engagement by bringing users, information, and conversations into a single collaborative space.   

  1. Support Internal Communication and HR to Present News and Information 

Combining intranets and Microsoft Teams will enable users to aggregate their news with relevant content from the intranet and the teams they are members or feeds they have access to. Therefore, information is conveniently grouped in one place, presented in the digital workplace where they work every day. Internal comms can promote any news or page to a tab within Microsoft Teams, and users are instantly alerted whenever there is a critical company update in real-time. Also, colleagues can now access and edit the same files in real-time – making collaboration so much easier than before. 

  1. Engage your Workforce with Intranet news and Team notifications

By having everything you need front and center, users can access important documents, stay in the loop, and contribute from any of their devices. Most of the time, users need to open their intranet site on a new tab to learn what’s relevant on their hub. This will no longer be the case; users can now chat with their team members, share their ideas, and stay connected to their intranet, all within Teams. Keeping users engaged with a 2:1 platform can offer everyone personalized views, instant communication, and access to the content and tools they need to get the job done. When people look for a sense of belonging and social connection, Valo Connect is a fantastic culture-building tool that unites the workforce. 

  1. Security and Reliability Guaranteed on Microsoft Teams 

Integrating your intranet into Microsoft Teams means your content benefits from the security of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem. No matter where you are, what time it is, or which device you use, you will have the benefit of using Microsoft’s security.


Uplift Your Digital Workplace with Valo Connect

Valo Connect is way more than just an intranet inside Microsoft Teams. Valo Connect will augment Microsoft Teams – enhancing search, aggregating news, and connecting employees to each other. Additionally, we offer a quick roll-out, multilingual options, adoption support, provisioning guidance, and 100% compatibility with any SharePoint page. 

Whether dealing with an entirely outdated intranet or needing help with Microsoft Teams, we can support you. If you want to learn more about what a successful digital workplace looks like, the top intranet features and design trends, or if you would like to get information from a technical point of view. Reach out to one of our digital workplace experts here.  

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