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Klarinet Solutions are excited to submit one of the most successful Financial Services companies as our customer success story. This company is a credit union headquartered in Sacramento, California. As California’s leading financial cooperative, they currently hold 80 branches throughout the Golden State. They currently have more than $13 billion USD in assets and over 1M members making it the 7th largest credit union in the United States.

Financial Services

Valo Implementation


INDUSTRY: Financial Services

MARKET: California (USA)

SIZE: 1,800 Employees


In the past 30 years, this company’s tremendous branch expansion has called for the help of technology to bridge together communication gaps. With the exponential growth of the company came many incentives to build a stronger community, increase employee engagement and productivity, and leverage a modern digital workplace.


Klarinet first engaged with their company in 2015 to build a custom branded responsive intranet. Klarinet developed a full trust branding solution, including custom master pages, page layouts, web parts, and personalization features.

Their management team re-engaged with Klarinet in mid-2018, wanting to upgrade their branding solution to SharePoint server 2016 to leverage modern and social features. As an alternative to an upgrade and migration project, Klarinet presented Valo Intranet, an award-winning Intranet-in-a-Box (IIAB) solution. The management team quickly realized that Valo checked off all their boxes and delivered a world-class/user-friendly intranet in a brief period.


Initially, the company purchased Valo Intranet, Teamwork (Workspaces), and Social Hub. During the discovery phase of our engagement, the Klarinet implementation team identified the need to restructure 175+ collaboration sites, with each collaboration site being a subsite under their intranet. To streamline the restructuring, the company leveraged the Valo Teamwork part to templatize collaboration spaces and provide a mechanism for employee self-service and governance. Each collaboration site went from being a subsite to a Site Collection.

Klarinet dynamically created all collaboration workspaces using Valo Workspaces. Furthermore, Klarinet scripted the entire migration and restructured it using Sharegate. Using the Valo platform, Klarinet was able to capture all the requirements in a 1-day onsite discovery workshop. The Valo platform and the workshop model were critical to the successful implementation.


With a successful partnership, this financial powerhouse is now able to connect its entire workforce, aid staff with the information and tools they needed to serve customers better, and help orchestrate a common, unified culture across the organization. Once again, this company is one of the fastest-growing financial service organizations in the U.S., serving over 1 million members primarily across the states and with nearly 2000 employees. It was imperative to shift away from their outdated intranet system and shift into a high collaboration Valo platform that creates a collective community. Everyone, from chief executives to service representatives, can ask for support, interact with every colleague, and, most of all, share their thoughts to a broader audience. Individuals who have never met face to face with other employees of the company could now privately or openly share positive stories, experiences, and acknowledgments. The goal of creating a positive culture also extends outside the office, where employees can now support one another through good times (birthdays and holidays) and bad times (illnesses and emergencies).

In working with them, Klarinet takes pride in the success of the Office 365 business productivity tools. Linking a secure cloud-based platform with a range of productivity, communication, and collaboration tools has enabled them to unite its dispersed workforce and connect on-the-go easily. As an enterprise-level organization, the level of success depends on keeping employees engaged, productive, and up to date. The success of this company has been transparent through its performance reviews, growth, and thriving workplace culture. These are some of the other ways they have benefited:

• Highly collaborative intranet platform that supports the needs of 2,000+ employees.

• Collective online community builds a foundation for a strong organizational culture.

• Ability for employees to connect on-the-go.[br_tc]• Quick and smart implementation without major roadblocks.

• Structured site collections that made intranet navigation simple and intuitive.

• Triumphant workplace culture with the ability to scale in size without sacrificing efficiency.

Customer Testimonial

“Valo has enabled us to implement a modern social intranet which connects all of our employee community.”

– Scott Howe, SharePoint Administrator

“Klarinet’s structured engagement model enabled us to go-live with our new intranet in a very short period of time.”

– William Moore, Project Manager

Financial Services

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