SharePoint Online Intranet Implementation

Make internal communications and collaboration a breeze, no matter where and how you work

Klarinet Solutions guides you every step of the way through your SharePoint Online implementation for an intranet designed to meet the exact needs of your organization.

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Facilitate Structured Collaboration with a Scalable Intranet Solution

Partner with Klarinet Solutions to deploy a seamless SharePoint Intranet environment, including up to ten department sites, and empower employees with controlled access to files and an engaging end-to-end collaboration experience.

Streamline Your SharePoint Online Intranet Implementation with Klarinet Solutions

Working closely alongside your intranet initiative stakeholders, our highly skilled and award-winning team will plan, prepare, and implement your SharePoint Intranet solution to meet the specific needs of your organization. In addition, we will mentor your team every step of the way, from planning to post-implementation support and training.

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Streamline Your SharePoint Online Intranet Implementation with Klarinet Solutions

Here’s How a Klarinet Solutions SharePoint Online Implementation Works:

Step 1 – Design the Information Architecture and Navigation

  • Up to 8 hours of requirements gathering sessions

Step 2 – Develop the Intranet

  • Deploy an intranet hub site with connected communication sites
  • Implement a custom SharePoint theme and apply intranet branding
  • Develop and Implement Security & Access model appropriate for you
  • Design Intranet navigation with optional Audience Targeting
  • Design and deploy Intranet Homepage and department pages (up to 10)
  • Design footer with logo, name and links
  • Develop Microsoft Forms with notification workflows leveraging Power Automate
  • Populate sample content for Intranet Homepage design review (optional)
  • Launch the intranet with defined timeline

Step 3 – Comprehensive Intranet Training

  • On-demand Intranet Admin Training *
  • On-demand Content Author Training *
  • Consultant-led content author support bridge (2 x 1hr)


*Instructor-led training is also available

Tailor Your SharePoint Intranet Experience with Add-Ons

klarient solutions sharepoint online deploy viva connections

Deploy Viva Connections

  • Enable SharePoint App Bar and customize navigation
  • Create a dashboard with optional audience targeting
  • Add App in Teams Admin Center
  • Preinstall and pre-pin branded app in Teams Mobile App Bar
klarinet solutions document search hub sharepoint online implementation

Document Search Hub

  • Deploy open-source PnP Search Web Parts
  • Creation of Site Columns and Custom Content Type for Documents
  • Search, filter and display documents with associated metadata
  • Configuration of up to 2 managed search properties
klarinet solutions sharepoint online implementation people directory

People Directory

  • Deploy open-source PnP Search Web Parts Search, filter and display employee photo and profile attributes
  • Configuration of up to 2 managed search properties

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