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Say goodbye to inefficiencies and disorganization in the workplace.

Klarinet designs and implements digital workplace solutions using Microsoft 365, SharePoint Intranet to help organizations work smarter, reduce mistakes, and increase ROI.

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Here’s What Working With Klarinet Looks Like:

Here’s What Working With Klarinet Looks Like:

define your digital workplace with Microsoft 365 sharepoint intranetdefine your digital workplace with Microsoft 365 sharepoint intranet

Define Your Digital Workplace Needs

What do your employees need to perform their jobs better and faster? We involve key stakeholders and document your existing technology, business requirements, and goals to prescribe the right mix of Microsoft 365, SharePoint Intranet, and Teams.

customize your sharepoint intranetcustomize your sharepoint intranet

Design a Modern, Custom Intranet

Give every employee a customized, on-brand experience. We leverage tools like Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to streamline core business processes, reduce mistakes and effortlessly distribute content.

microsoft 365 sharepoint intranet performance analyzationmicrosoft 365 sharepoint intranet performance analyzation

Define Your Digital Workplace Needs

Keep a pulse on your digital workplace usage and performance with customizable analytics reports. See core user engagement metrics like top pages, top search terms, and meet quarterly with a SharePoint intranet consultant to uncover ways to improve engagement.

business process automationbusiness process automation
Automate Business Processes

Reduce friction points and improve efficiency across departments. We leverage tools like Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to streamline core business processes, reduce headaches and keep users informed.

Choose Klarinet for all Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Intranet Needs

When your employees understand their role and feel connected to the business, they work faster, communicate better and produce better work. We invest in customer relationships to understand and solve the digital workplace problems you face every day.

  • More than “just SharePoint people.”
    Our team has been deeply ingrained in SharePoint for more than 10 years and share a passion for its impact.
  • Your complete SharePoint team for a fraction of the cost.
    Our SharePoint experts plug into your existing team to provide the support you need – only when you need it.
  • Cheaper, faster, better deployments with Valo.
    As a Premium Valo Partner, we deploy SharePoint intranet solutions more efficiently than competitors.
  • Passionate about the industries we serve.
    We work with companies in pharmaceutical, financial and legal industries to implement solutions that empower users to produce better work.

Get more from your SharePoint Intranet investment with Klarinet as your partner.

Ongoing Consulting

Meet with cloud strategy experts to analyze performance and improve adoption.

  • Monthly client-only webinars
  • Quarterly strategy briefings
  • Annual reviews

Modern Intranet Solutions

Equip your employees with solutions that allow them to work smarter and faster.

Custom Projects

Have a unique requirement or project need? We develop solutions custom to your business needs.


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Whether you’re looking for a better intranet or want to improve your existing SharePoint environment, our digital workplace consultants can point you in the right direction.

Get in touch with Klarinet experts to learn more about optimizing your Intranet environment.

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Why Klarinet is a Success

Klarinet Solutions is proud to work with one of the largest law firms in the southeast United States. See how Klarinet deployed Office 365 and Valo Intranet to modernize the firm’s digital workplace, expedite communications and boost employee engagement and morale.

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