Sharepoint & Office 365

Use Microsoft Sharepoint in all the right ways to launch your business to the next level. A better experience for employees and your bottom line.

Forms & Workflow

Collaboration is the name of the game in business today. Digital clutter, begone. Provide your team with tools that streamline processes and allow them to connect, collaborate, and deliver more conveniently than ever before.

We will help you use Microsoft SharePoint to successfully distribute and manage your business content, knowledge, and applications. With it, you’ll have an efficient nerve center for your business that organizes document management and archives while improving communication across the organization.

  • Streamline communication about important business artifacts, improving efficiency
  • A single, organized home to organize and manage all documents – from financial plans to presentations
  • Store, categorize, retrieve and share business content from a single location
  • Organize, route and hold documents based on defined attributes
  • Use SharePoint Document Management features to organize — once and for all!

Migration & Hybrid

Is it time to move your business to the cloud?

Our experts will provide a seamless experience as we migrate your SharePoint system to the cloud or your hybrid system of choice. Our hybrid environments allow you to move easily between existing on-premises and new cloud servers, giving you a unified digital workspace that users can access from almost anywhere. Search, retrieve, and store with ease, with a hybrid system configured to support how you like to work.

Put the movement of your sensitive business documents in experienced, capable hands. Minimize downtime and complete a successful migration to your new hybrid setup with no stress. The result? A more powerful digital workspace than you’ve ever had before.

Custom Application & Integration

You shouldn’t have to work for your technology; it should do the work for YOU! Get more out of your SharePoint out-of-box features with a customized SharePoint solution architected around how you work. From business processes to data aggregation, enhance your system to look good and perform exceptionally well.

Some reasons our clients love our SharePoint customizations:

  • Branded, beautiful user interfaces for environments your users will love coming back to (say goodbye to generic sites!)
  • Easy-to-use, robust functionality for work-based applications
  • Optimal mobile-responsiveness, allowing users to connect from laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Convenient content management platforms
  • Streamlined processes or data to support business uses
  • Scalable solutions
  • Modifying SharePoint to address business-specific challenges
  • Your team members have a a high expectations of their online experiences, and our SharePoint customizations ensure that you deliver.

Data Protection

1 in 3 companies reports losing data in the cloud, and few things will cost your business more time and money than unexpected data loss. Why suffer data loss when there’s a convenient solution for that?

Unfortunately, many companies believe that, by working in the cloud, they’re fully protected. But that’s not the case! Cloud data can be lost for a number of reasons including:

  • Accidental removal or deletion
  • Overwriting
  • Malicious damage or attacks
  • Canceled subscriptions
  • Other user errors

Nothing is more painful than data loss that could have been prevented. Our experts will establish data protection measures for your business with straightforward, automated and secure backup of your cloud data.

Control and protect your data – talk to our experts to arrange for backups as soon as possible.