Client Description:

Established in 1938, Valley Strong is a prominent credit union based in Bakersfield, CA, dedicated to serving the entire state of California. With their growth showing no signs of slowing down, they wanted to tighten their internal communications and elevate the employee experience.

Valley Strong credit union case study

Market: California, USA

Industry: Financial Services

Size: 400+ employees




Valley Strong carried out an M&A, doubling their size in just two years, and knew they needed to develop an internal communications strategy to help support all the new employees joining the organization. They had an existing intranet and a SharePoint on-premises environment that was being underutilized.


Valley Strong wanted a technology partner that would go above and beyond to meet the needs of all end users and drive workplace productivity for employees. They originally reached out to Klarinet Solutions because they were interested in leveraging Valo in their SharePoint Intranet, and Klarinet is a local partner.

However, instead of simply going ahead with the Valo option, Klarinet Solutions took the time to provide a comprehensive overview of all possible solutions to help Valley Strong feel confident they were selecting the right option. Klarinet Solutions worked with Valley Strong every step of the way during the implementation process and continues to work with them to ensure they are satisfied with their new intranet solution.


The solution was to implement a new intranet as a single source of truth for all Valley Strong employees. Where users previously had to search for what they needed in three or four different systems, information is now consolidated all in one place, streamlining the internal communications process.

Klarinet Solutions took a consultative approach to the project to ensure Valley Strong’s needs were met and came up with a customized Valo intranet solution to maximize employee satisfaction and productivity.

Valley Strong saw an immediate increase in employee satisfaction with internal communications upon implementation of their new intranet.

Client Testimonial:

“They’re just human. You don’t feel like you’re working with this huge organization and you’re just a number to them. You actually know they’re invested and that they care.” – Mary Reyes, Head of Internal Communications, Valley Strong

Learn more about how Klarinet empowered Valley Strong to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction with a tailored intranet solution – download the full case study here!

Customized Intranet Solutions: The Key to Successful Collaboration in a Digital Workplace

By focusing on improving internal communication strategies, organizations can improve productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction across departments.

With the help of an experienced digital workplace solutions provider, organizations can quickly deploy a holistic intranet solution that connects their employees to their work, company, and community, no matter where they are working from.

Klarinet Solutions designs custom modern intranet solutions tailored to the unique requirements of every business. Reach out to our experts to discuss your digital workplace needs so we can customize a solution that is right for you.

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