Pop-up messages and confirmation screens are crucial components of user-friendly applications. These features provide intuitive feedback and help prevent unintended actions, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience. Integrating pop-up messages in Power Apps can significantly enhance the usability of custom applications, making them more aligned with the familiar interfaces of other digital platforms.

Pop-Up Messages in Power Apps

To create these pop-up messages in Power Apps, we are looking at building a custom application using Overlays. Our goal is to mirror a process on other digital platforms and bring it to our digital workplace. Why? Two things are true. We often make mistakes, and we love second chances. When you’re navigating most applications and click on a button to execute an action, a confirmation screen will pop-up. “Are you sure you want to delete?” asks Facebook, to which you respond, “Yes, I’m pretty sure I want my 7th-grade selfies to be expunged from existence.”

Most digital applications, programs, and platforms have a confirmation screen feature. It’s intuitive, provides user-friendly feedback, and saves us from some temporary disasters. Given the ubiquity and usefulness of this feature, I would bring it to the platform I spend most of my time on – Power Apps.  Using a combination of text controls, buttons, and the UpdateContext function, I designed a visual overlay to replicate an interface that we’re used to seeing on other platforms.

How Do the Pop-Ups Work?

Let’s say I want to delete a file. I select the file and click “delete.” When the delete button is selected, the UpdateContext function indicates a value of “True” which triggers all the overlay elements to be visible. Let’s say that the delete button is clicked by mistake. In this case, the end-user can reverse the action by clicking “Cancel.” This will return a value of “False” on our UpdateContext function, and our overlay will go invisible. By imitating functionalities that exist in other applications, we want the end-user to feel comfortable navigating any Power App. Pop-Up notifications are used for many actions, confirmation screens, user hints, and more. As a creature of habit, I love consistency. In designing this feature, I wanted the functionalities and workflows to mirror a similar action we see in other apps.

See How Power Apps Can Help Elevate Your Workplace

When building Power Apps, I want to put ourselves in the shoes of the end-user and design applications that are intuitive and consistent across the board.  Klarinet Solutions has seen a lot of success in using Power Apps to make powerful, user-friendly internal applications that aggregate and display business data. To learn more about how these tools can work for your company, please reach out to us at 866.211.8191

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