An effective method I used to copy a SharePoint Modern Theme from One Tenant to Another with PowerShell …

SharePoint Modern UI Themes are awesome! What’s not so great is the process to add new themes to your Office365 tenant. Is it me or does the location of Microsoft’s UI Fabric Theme Designer change every week?

The other day one of our consultants asked me if there was an easy way to copy a Theme from one Office365 tenant to another. I knew of course that we get the theme from the source tenant using the Get-SPOTheme cmdlet, then copy and paste the JSON, but I wanted to find a more efficient way. Below is a simple script that copies a theme from one tenant to another.

Connect-SPOService -url  

$theme get-spotheme -name ThemeName  

$palettejson = ConvertTo-Json -InputObject $theme.palette  

Connect-SPOService -url  

Add-SPOTheme -Name “ThemeName” -Palette $palettejson 


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