We’re thrilled to announce that Klarinet Solutions has been honored with the prestigious title of Staffbase Rising Star of the Year for 2023! This recognition follows hot on the heels of our recent acknowledgment as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA on the Inc 5000 list.

Earning the Staffbase Rising Star award speaks volumes about our unwavering dedication and innovation as a Staffbase partner, specifically in revolutionizing employee communications. The collaborative efforts between Klarinet Solutions and Staffbase have been pivotal in propelling both organizations to success.

Matt Fishman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Klarinet Solutions, expressed his delight, stating, “Being recognized as Staffbase’s Rising Star of the Year is a great honor. It reflects our team’s commitment, and we are proud to consistently deliver outstanding results. This recognition from Staffbase not only validates our efforts but also helps our team stand out.”

Klarinet is Staffbase Americas Rising Star of the Year 2023

Empowering Digital Transformation for Enhanced Workplaces

At Klarinet Solutions, our journey began in 2010, founded by three intranet experts driven by a singular mission – enabling teams to focus on what truly matters. We’ve evolved into a proactive partner in workplace transformation, leveraging Microsoft technologies to craft tailored digital solutions that foster efficient, connected, and fulfilling work environments.

Our commitment transcends traditional service provision; we’re dedicated allies in your digital transformation journey. Our goal is to elevate workplaces, ensuring greater connectivity, productivity, and purpose so that organizations and employees can thrive in today’s dynamic work landscape.

Brand Pillars: Redefining Workplace Excellence

  1. Proactive Partnership for Digital Success: We actively collaborate with clients, forging lasting relationships to navigate their digital transformation journey.
  2. Client-First Commitment to Excellence: Our approach delivers personalized, comprehensive, and impactful technology solutions rooted in Microsoft 365 & Cloud technologies expertise.
  3. Enable Modern & Connected Workplaces: We empower organizations to cultivate modern, connected workplaces, fostering a more productive and fulfilling work environment for improved work-life balance.

An elevated workplace means more time for your team to concentrate on meaningful endeavors. As your dedicated ally in workplace transformation, we utilize our Microsoft technology expertise to curate bespoke digital solutions. We work alongside your team to cultivate efficient, fulfilling work environments, fostering greater connectivity, productivity, and purpose, ensuring your organization thrives in today’s work era.

To explore how Klarinet Solutions can propel your workplace to new heights, get in touch today!


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