How do you reference a Parent Child list in PowerApps or Power Automate?

I’m going to keep this simple. I have a request and I have an approver task list. In the Approver task list, I create a column called RequestID. When the task is created I write the ID of the Request to the Task Column RequestID. In Power Apps, I use a Filter similar to the example below.

A Good Example is Using a gallery to show a list of requests and then show all the tasks associated with it.

[text_tc timing=’linear’ trigger_pt=’0′ duration=’1000′ delay=’0′]

Gallery 1

Items – ‘Requests’


Gallery 2


Filter(‘Task List’, RequestID = Gallery1.Selected.ID)

In Flow, I will filter out the ID using Query in the Find Items function

ID eq ‘RequestID’


And that’s it. Your lists are referencing each other and each to filter throughout your app or flow.

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