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Founded in 1980, Dudek is an environmental planning and engineering firm that helps its clients improve communities and natural infrastructure. They help customers solve environmental, infrastructure, and human challenges to drive progress and create lasting results.

environment services firm reaps benefits of modern sharepoint


INDUSTRY: Environmental Planning and Engineering

MARKET: Encinitas, California, United States

SIZE: 600


Initially, Dudek was operating with Classic SharePoint as their company-wide intranet and needed to create a more modern, customizable, and faster intranet experience for its employees. Dudek required an up-to-the-minute digital solution to boost productivity and scale business efficiency.


By carefully investing in its customer relationships, Klarinet Solutions has made a mark in the SharePoint consulting industry. Thus, when the CIO of Dudek went searching for a SharePoint Consultant in San Diego’s peer network, they were bound to come across Klarinet Solutions as the winner. Dudek went through the process of reviewing several SharePoint Intranet experts and identified Klarinet as the right fit as they were able to closely match Dudek’s requirements with past proven solutions.

Klarinet Solutions showed that they have extensive experience designing modern SharePoint Intranet solutions, and also proved themselves to be an economical choice with competitive pricing and comprehensive service. This combination made them the perfect fit to streamline employee engagement for Dudek.


The solution was a straightforward approach of converting Classic SharePoint to Modern SharePoint. Klarinet Solutions commenced the project by inventorying all Dudek’s sites and reporting back on any issues that arose during the transition period.

As the next step, Klarinet led the testing and implementation of Modern SharePoint. One key modification brought on by the Klarinet team was a new tool that allowed Dudek to gain insights into its intranet usage. With rich visibility into user engagement, Dudek admins got a deep understanding of what users were searching, allowing them to optimize sites toward the content that people accessed most frequently.

The Modern SharePoint migration and setup engagement took a few months, followed by a one-year term of SharePoint consulting. Not only was Klarinet Solutions able to establish a user-friendly intranet interface, but also responded to consulting requests, such as troubleshooting and feature requests, promptly.

Client Testimonial:

“Unlike past partners I’ve worked with, Klarinet Solutions consists of top-tier SharePoint consultants. They take us straight to their experts, which has been impressive.” — Brian Nordmann, CIO, Dudek

Modern SharePoint: The Key to Employee Engagement

The digital workplace needs modern tools and technologies to succeed. Platforms like Modern SharePoint equip organizations with cutting-edge capabilities, such as modern view and column formatting, intuitive web parts, and integration with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. With such features, all end users are empowered to benefit from a modern experience.

You too can support your organization with greater flexibility and security with the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. To make the most of this platform, you need an experienced player like Klarinet Solutions to help you with deployment and engagement.

Klarinet Solutions understands that no two organizations are the same, and with its dedication to serving customers, they are the right team to cater to your unique requirements with contemporary solutions. Reach out to the experts today and see how you can boost employee engagement with the right solution.

modern sharepoint for environmental engineering firm

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