Client Description:

Our client is a biotechnology company that helps develop various products and services with applications in numerous fields. They wanted to streamline their Microsoft 365 environment to improve collaboration across the organization and utilize IT services to help with their security.

Microsoft 365 solution helps biotech company improve collaboration across organization


Market: San Diego, California

Industry: Biotechnology

Size: 200



 In the biotechnology industry, it is especially important that data remains secure across an organization while still allowing access to the people that need to view it. The client wanted to leverage Microsoft 365 to deliver a collaborative experience within their organization and ensure that productivity tools were being used to their full extent. They required experts in the Microsoft 365 environment to implement digital workplace solutions and IT support to help them work more efficiently while focusing on increasing security.



Klarinet Solutions has established itself as an expert in Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Intranet Solutions. When the client needed help with some of their Microsoft 365 initiatives, such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook, another IT vendor referred them to Klarinet Solutions, and an ongoing engagement began in May 2021.

Klarinet Solutions met the client’s expectations by showcasing their extensive experience in the Microsoft 365 environment through a custom-tailored approach. This helped the client determine that Klarinet Solutions was a good fit and implemented their solutions internally across the entire company.



The solution involved focusing on three main areas of service which include providing security recommendations for the Microsoft 365 environment, taking on customization projects, and providing ongoing support with a monthly service agreement. With their Microsoft 365 environment specialization, they also began to offer support with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook, among various other programs. By utilizing Klarinet Solutions to help make full use of Microsoft 365 features, workflow and productivity within and across departments showed a significant improvement. Through PowerShell scripting, Klarinet Solutions was able to automate the management of various systems, increasing efficiency across the organization.

In their ongoing arrangement, Klarinet Solutions continues to offer support for the biotechnology company’s Microsoft 365 environment as well as helping with the completion of various other projects that come up in a timely manner. With Klarinet Solutions’ expertise in the niche Microsoft 365 specialization, its solutions have been deployed across the entire biotechnology firm and continue to be utilized.


Client Testimonial:

“Their [Microsoft] 365 environment specialization sets them apart from competitors.” — VP of Site Operations

Microsoft 365 Solutions: The Key to Successful Collaboration in a Digital Workplace

In an increasingly digital era, workplaces need modern tools and technologies to succeed. By fully utilizing applications such as SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook, organizations can increase productivity and efficiency in every department.

With the help of an experienced digital workplace solutions provider, like Klarinet, organizations can deliver a clear vision and connect their employees to their work, company, and community. Our extensive experience in SharePoint, Intranet, Microsoft 365, and Digital Workplaces, helps clients know that our award-winning team is devoted to making today’s best technologies optimally efficient and easy to implement across any organization.

Klarinet Solutions designs custom modern solutions tailored to the unique requirements of every business. Reach out to us to discuss your digital workplace needs so we can customize a solution that is right for you.

Biotech company increases efficiency with custom Microsoft 365 solution with the help of Klarinet

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