10 Microsoft 365 Experts to Follow on Twitter Right Now

With everyone working remotely and conferences going virtual (or being canceled completely), some might claim it’s been harder than ever to feel a sense of community in the world of Microsoft. But while it’s true we may not have been able to gather in person, we’d argue that the Microsoft community is thriving on Twitter! Here we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Microsoft 365 experts to follow on the platform.

Give These Microsoft 365 Experts a Follow:

Erica Toelle – https://twitter.com/EricaToelle

Erica TolleA senior product marketing manager on the Microsoft compliance product team and the author of “Microsoft 365 Compliance: A Practical Guide to Managing Risk”, there’s no question about Erica’s expertise when it comes compliance. Follow her on Twitter for interesting and useful articles on all aspects of Microsoft 365 with an emphasis on – no surprise – compliance and security.

Luise Freese – https://twitter.com/LuiseFreese

Microsoft 365 Experts - Luise FreeseLuise – AKA “the M365 Princess” – is a Microsoft 365 Business Consultant, MVP in Office Apps & Services, blogger, and international conference speaker. Oh and an aspiring chef/baker too. One thing she is definitely not? Boring. Luise’s feed is full of valuable articles, how-to videos, funny and relatable insights about Microsoft 365 Dev life, and stickers you might feel the need to buy.

Dona Sakar – https://twitter.com/donasarkar

Dona SarkarNot only does Dona lead Accessibility Tech for all of Microsoft, making sure that people with disabilities and/or neurodivergence are being well served by the company, she is also the founder of an ethical luxury fashion line, and a well-regarded author, coach, and speaker. No wonder she was named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Productive People in Business! Follow her on Twitter to keep up with accessibility efforts and advancements from Microsoft and other tech companies, and wise advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Vlad Catrinescu – https://twitter.com/vladcatrinescu

Vlad CatrinescuAs a Microsoft MVP since 2013, an author, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a recognized international speaker, Vlad is an amazing source for all things Microsoft. In fact, his whole focus is on helping administrators to deploy, manage, automate, and configure governance across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. Follow him on Twitter to take advantage of the Microsoft (and other tech) articles he curates from around the web, learn about his certification guides, and to keep up to date with his informative blog.

Matt Wade – https://twitter.com/thatmattwade

Microsoft 365 Experts - Matt WadeMatt is Microsoft MVP, the author of a survival guide for Microsoft Teams: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft Teams, cofounder of jumpTo365, and an expert on all things Microsoft. You may also know him for his periodic table of Microsoft 365 (and if you don’t, please check it out immediately). Needless to say, Matt has a fresh and creative take on Microsoft that makes his content stand out. Follow him on Twitter for funny and helpful Microsoft and tech content, but mostly so you never miss an episode of his Microsoft 365 updates YouTube series.

Susan Hanley – https://twitter.com/susanhanley

Microsoft 365 Expert - Susan HanleySusan is a Microsoft Office Apps and Services MVP, the co-author of three popular SharePoint books, and the founder and president of Susan Hanley LLC, where she and her associates help clients deliver successful SharePoint and Microsoft 365 intranet and collaboration solutions. She’s also a sought-after speaker and conference presenter on the topics of building effective collaborative portals, portal governance, user adoption and information architecture, as well as building communities of practice and measuring the value of knowledge management investments. Follow her on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a speaking engagement, podcast guest spot, or conference appearance she makes; the SharePoint updates and tips she shares; and the Microsoft news she curates.

Michal Pisarek – https://twitter.com/MichalPisarek

Microsoft 365 Experts - Michal PisarekMicrosoft SharePoint MVP, former co-founder of Dynamic Owl Consulting and of BONZAI Intranet, and current co-founder and CEO of Orchestry Software, Michal is an internationally recognized speaker, Microsoft 365 thought leader, and SharePoint evangelist. Follow him on Twitter to take advantage of his vast intranet expertise, sign up for Orchestry’s webinars, and to enjoy and participate the supportive and genuinely friendly community he’s cultivating there. Also occasional pics of his dog, Archie.

Mark Kashman – https://twitter.com/mkashman

Microsoft 365 Expert - Mark KashmanMark is a senior product manager at Microsoft focused primarily on Microsoft Lists and SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and the host of The Intrazone – a bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the Microsoft SharePoint team – highlighting usage, adoption, and how SharePoint works for users. Follow him on Twitter to learn something new (and useful) about SharePoint or Microsoft Lists with a healthy sprinkling of dad jokes.

Joel Oleson – https://twitter.com/joeloleson

Microsoft 365 Experts - Joel OlesonJoel is a top technology influencer, a Microsoft MVP & RD, a writer, a speaker, and a passionate traveller. He worked Microsoft in both the technology and marketing departments for 10 years, and now focuses on building up technology professionals through his blog, videos, and podcast (all of which can be found at collabshow.com). On Twitter he shares useful insights from his blog and updates about where he’s speaking (and travelling to) next.

Karoliina Kettukari – https://twitter.com/kettukari

Microsoft 365 Experts - Karoliina KettukariKarolina is a modern work leader and advisor with a passion for empowering employees with smart use of digital technology, specifically Microsoft 365, to enable collaboration and communication and deliver excellent employee experience. She is a Microsoft MVP, a speaker, conference presenter, frequent podcast guest, and was recognized as “The Most Inspirational Woman” at the 2021 Tech Community Awards. Follow her on Twitter to make sure you never miss a chance to hear her speak or join her virtual events, and to bask in her contagious enthusiasm for Microsoft 365!



Microsoft 365 Experts At Your Service

We hope you get as much out of these Microsoft 365 expert’s tweets as we do! Not only do we love following them on Twitter, we also collaborate with some of them to provide added value and support to our clients. Together we are committed to supporting your organization If you have questions about how we can help you with all your Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and digital workplace needs, feel free to reach out to the Microsoft 365 experts on our team anytime via info@klarinetsolutions.com.


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