Asset Check Out With Power Apps

I recently was tasked by a customer to replicate the lending library feature that was in SharePoint classic with Power Apps. And let me tell you this was a fun project! They were looking to share personal books among the staff, and as a company focused on science and biology, I knew that was the initial purpose but was looking to expand on their fun culture. I recommended we incorporate different genres, and they loved the idea. While this project focused on books, this same solution can be used for all types of company assets or any check-in/check out item. My head is already spinning with possibilities, car reservations, laptop or IT equipment check out, so many ideas!

The Requirements:

  1. Any employee can add a book to the library
  2. Browse all books in the database
  3. Quickly see if the book is available
  4. If not available – See who has it checked out
  5. Search books by Title or Author

Additional Enhancements:

  1. View history
  2. Allow users to rate their experience and add comments when checking in the books
  3. Tab Navigation
  4. View current logged in user
  5. Uses Bing Search to find the book cover image
  6. Sort by Topic
  7. Change Sort

So with a combination of lists and a Power App, we created this lending library.

Are you adding a new book? No Problem.

Overall this was a fun project and had unlimited possibilities. Let us know if you need any help with “asset check” out or Power Apps, in general. We can make powerful, user-friendly internal applications that aggregate and display business data. As you can see, Klarinet Solutions has seen a lot of success in using PowerApps! We are not too hard to reach. Call us at 866.211.8191 or book a product demo here.

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