Client Description: The Home for Little Wanderers is a non-profit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, dedicated to child welfare. Their mission is to help vulnerable children and their families build permanent, positive change by ensuring emotional, social, educational, and physical well-being through a team of professionals and a wide range of critical services.

Home for Little Wanderers


Market: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York

Industry: Non-Profit

Size: 700


The Home for Little Wanderers wanted to improve employee communication within their organization by incorporating a brand new intranet system. They required experts in digital workplace solutions to design a comprehensive solution for their business.


With their extensive knowledge and expertise in SharePoint and approach to project management, the Klarinet Solutions team has proven themselves as a leader in digital workplace solutions.

The Home for Little Wanderers was looking to implement a new intranet for their internal staff and came across Klarinet Solutions through research. They engaged Klarinet Solutions to supplement their development and integration efforts, and have had an ongoing partnership with Klarinet Solutions since August 2021.


The partnership originally began with a discussion of opportunities for developing and implementing a new intranet for The Home for Little Wanderers.

Klarinet Solutions has since helped with an overall project plan, structure, design, and backend layout and continues to regularly communicate with The Home for Little Wanderers through Microsoft Teams.

Through their collaboration with Klarinet Solutions, The Home for Little Wanderers has seen an improvement in employee satisfaction and positive feedback from internal stakeholders on the new intranet.

Client Testimonial: “We’re impressed with their SharePoint knowledge, expertise, and approach to project management.” – VP of Marketing and Communications, The Home for Little Wanderers

SharePoint Intranet: The Key to Employee Satisfaction

An employee intranet is a great way to help employees feel connected to company culture while working from home. Serving as a single source of truth, intranets can help employees easily gain access to the information and resources they need to perform their roles effectively.

With the help of an experienced digital workplace solutions provider like Klarinet Solutions, your organization can implement a robust SharePoint intranet to enhance employee collaboration and satisfaction within your organization.

Klarinet Solutions designs and implements custom digital workplace solutions to help organizations work smarter, reduce mistakes, and increase ROI. Reach out today to discuss your digital workplace needs.

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