Expenses from Anywhere Using PowerApps and Flow

Expense reports are time-consuming, tedious, and boring. We have all needed to take hours from our busy day to find lost receipts; bring these receipts into the office, sort expenses, manually enter expenses in Excel or a calculator, and create a final expense report sheet from scratch to give to management. Like others, I enjoy saving time, working on what matters, and ditching the out-dated ways of doing things by leveraging technology. Recently, I focused on Expense Reports and found a way to further use PowerApps and Flow to automate the process, capture data, and manage expenses.

What did I do

I found an Expense template available from Microsoft- Expense Reports that are available in PowerApps templates. I analyzed the structure behind the standard expense report template then used the template as a reference. From this information, I was able to create two lists: Expense Reports and Line Item List.  Creating my own version has allowed me to capture receipts, add categories, and record expenses as they happen. This way I don’t have to keep track of my receipts or worry I’m going to forget about an expense.



Now, Klarinet Solutions and I no longer use a one-time manual solution through Excel. But rather, every employee in a company has access to use the Expense Report app to claim and manage expenses anytime, anywhere. Management can also use this PowerApps expense report to gain analytical insight into their expenses, improve accuracy, and save time! This is just one great example of how PowerApps and Flow can help to automate and streamline processes within an organization. However, this technology can be tailored to control any type of expenses (traveling, driving, parts, vacation, time tracking, and events). Hope this blog helps your management team and employees with improving the expense reporting process. Klarinet Solutions specializes in enhancing system performance, optimizing user experience, and developing streamlined processes that support business objectives. To find out more about our services or if you need help with O365 Power Apps or Flow. Feel free to contact our solutions-delivery team or reach us by phone at (866) 211-8191.

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