Client Description: Vividion Therapeutics Inc, a drug discovery company based in San Diego, California, is focused on transforming the future of human health through the creation of highly selective small molecule medicines that drug traditionally inaccessible targets. Their mission is to deliver solutions for patients who may think there are no treatment options for their disease.

Vividion Case Study

Market: San Diego, CA

Industry: Biotechnology

 Size: 180


Challenge: Vividion Therapeutics was looking to develop custom applications for business processes using SharePoint and wanted to drive the adoption of these new applications and processes. They needed SharePoint experts to help them successfully develop and drive adoption of these new applications.


Klarinet Solutions has decades of experience in SharePoint and digital workplace solutions using Microsoft technology, and has established themselves as a leader in this space.

Vividion Therapeutics found Klarinet through a referral and knew that they would be able to help with the development and internal adoption of custom applications using SharePoint technology. Their engagement with Klarinet Solutions has been ongoing since January 2022.


Klarinet Solutions first helped Vividion Therapeutics design custom solutions with SharePoint and Power Apps. The Klarinet team was then tasked with developing and implementing these custom solutions, and ensuring that they were successfully adopted by the Vividion Therapeutics team internally.

Klarinet Solutions continues to provide ongoing support for the apps and communicates with Vividion Therapeutics regularly through Microsoft Teams and email.

Since the launch of the apps designed by Klarinet, Vividion Therapeutics has seen an impressive adoption rate of 88%, meeting their desired threshold for adoption.


Client Testimonial: “Klarinet Solutions delivers the same solutions that bigger companies can without the overhead of a large company.” – Jeremy Wenzel, Head of IT, Vividion Therapeutics Inc


Custom Business Applications: The Key to Employee Adoption

With the rise of hybrid-remote workforce models, organizations may be finding it difficult to keep employees feeling engaged and connected to company culture. Developing custom business applications for employees to use for communication and collaboration can be a worthwhile solution that also improves satisfaction and productivity across the organization.

With the help of an experienced digital workplace solutions provider, you can develop custom applications for internal use and drive adoption of these applications through comprehensive user training programs and ongoing support.

Klarinet Solutions can help you design and drive adoption of custom business applications to improve internal communications within your organization. Get in touch with us today to discuss a custom solution for your digital workplace needs.

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