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By spending 40+ hours a week at work, work-life will inevitably affect our physical and mental health especially now during our remote work operations. With that being said, there is a huge responsibility for HR, Communications, and other leaders within an organization to develop and deploy an effective corporate communication and collaboration strategy.

Too much pressure leads employees to burnout. Too little stimulation leads to employees becoming dissatisfied with their work.  Stress or the lack of engagement are significant problems in the workplace as they contribute to a high tension or disengaging environment that no one wants to participate in.

In a recent event with Kathleen Knott, Internal & Executive Communication Expert, we talked about the various ways in which a weak corporate communication platform could hinder the progress of an organization and constrain its people. So, we continued this conversation by identifying the best and latest solutions to improve employee engagement and collaboration. In this short piece by Kathleen, she outlines critical methods, and tools organizations can use to create an effective corporate communications plan.

How Effective Corporate Communications Can Increase Employee Engagement

It’s no surprise that employees who take pride in what they do deliver better outcomes and have higher retention levels than their less-engaged peers. And while this may seem like a no-brainer, Gallup recently reported that only 34% of U.S. workers identify themselves as “engaged,” which leaves two-thirds of the workforce struggling to achieve feelings of involvement, enthusiasm, and commitment to their workplace.

Effective corporate communications can help improve employee engagement by creating a culture where employees feel valued, listened to, and appreciated. A strong culture is the backbone of any organization, and when employees are engaged, they are happier, healthier, more productive, and more likely to stay with the company.

Here’s how you can use effective corporate communication plan to enhance employee engagement:

1. Tell Your Story & Create Purpose

Employees want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. When team members feel connected to the mission and vision of the organization, they are more likely to derive purpose and passion from their everyday work. Developing a corporate narrative or company story provides context to the company’s mission and values, which helps employees feel aligned with the bigger picture and understand where they fit in and the value of their contribution. This messaging should be highly visible and consistent throughout all corporate communications, both internal and external.

2. Initiate Transparency 

Not everyone is lucky enough to sit in strategic planning meetings with the CEO, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know what’s going on. Collaborate with your executive team on clear, concise messaging about the current state and future direction of the business and share it broadly. Frequent and consistent communication from leadership increases employee trust and builds confidence within the organization. When employees do not understand the company’s overall strategic objectives and the reasons behind them, they are less likely to be engaged and put the organization’s business initiatives at risk.

3. Encourage Two-Way Dialogue

Communication is not a one-way street. Encourage dialogue and consistently seek feedback from your team members. When employees are given a voice, they naturally feel empowered and more connected to the organization. Encourage your leaders to host regular virtual Town Hall meetings or informal chats to get a pulse on the organization and to truly listen and respond to the issues that are on the minds of employees. Corporate communications are most effective when tailored to a specific audience. Please get to know the various audience segments within your organization and listen to their needs and preferences to build authentic targeted communications.

4. Recognize & Appreciate 

Don’t let hard work go unnoticed. Employees who receive regular recognition and appreciation for their contributions are more likely to feel satisfied in their current role, which directly correlates to higher engagement and more productive outcomes. A simple thank you note from a manager, or a mention from the CEO at a company all-hands meeting can make all the difference. Utilize various internal communications channels, such as the company intranet and digital signage boards, to post messages of gratitude and recognition for a job well done. When employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to go the extra mile.

Interested in a Technology that Drives Cultural Change?

The process of creating a successful corporate communications plan can quickly turn chaotic and fail without the right system integration strategy, expert guidance, and support. Klarinet Solutions is here to help organizations overcome these hurdles of doubt, experience, and uncertainty regarding corporate communication. Our proven methodology advances enterprise communication by connecting users with everything they need, integrating powerful tools, and cultivating long-term business relationships. We build, you benefit, experience the future of the digital workplace with Klarinet Solutions. If you would like to find out more about our expert solutions, contact our team, or reach us at (866) 211-8191.

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