I recently had the chance to attend VOICES 2023 NYC powered by Staffbase. VOICES is the #1 conference for communication leaders who want to elevate the impact communications has in their organizations. One of the sessions I attended was on debunking AI and ChatGPT for employee communications, hosted by Frank Wolf, Staffbase Co-Founder. Read on for the highlights from this session, or check out our previous post with more takeways from VOICES 2023 here.

What is Predictive AI?

Predictive AI analyzes and learns from existing data and uses machine learning to continue learning as it goes. AI is used across many different industries to help with various facets, including social media algorithms, weather forecasts, fraud detection, medical imaging, pattern recognition, and more.

Over the last year, AI models have gotten better and computing power has continued to increase. While predictive AI focuses on analyzing data to make predictions about future events, generative AI creates new content based on existing data. Predictive AI is involved in many more processes today, but generative AI will continue to rise as time goes on.

Large Language Models: ChatGPT

By now, you are likely familiar with ChatGPT and its capabilities. ChatGPT currently works to read and process data, and then uses training data to try to understand how to provide answers. For communications, using AI can help users write better content faster, as it can be used to generate a first draft, meaning more time can then be spent on editing and improving the work.

Using AI can enable more content creation for internal communications within companies by speeding up research to generate content more quickly. While the use of AI does have some positives, some negatives include the potential for inauthenticity and lack of clarity on topics users may be unfamiliar with. With the rise of AI, users may be more likely to second-guess communications they receive.

The Launch of Midjourney

Also known as the ChatGPT for media, Midjourney is a software that launched V1 in June 2022 and is designed to build pictures. Less than a year later, Midjourney is on V5 and has gotten much more advanced at generating pictures. Users can provide Midjourney with a prompt and it will generate a realistic image.

The Regulation of AI

AI has proven to be a powerful tool in generating artificial images, videos, and voice recordings, and regulations need to be put in place to ensure it is not used negatively. In fact, regulations have already started being put together. In the EU, the European commission has generated Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, and in the US, there is an AI Bill of Rights being drafted.

5 Ways to Embrace AI

When used correctly, AI can be a positive tool to help you with your role at work. To have a positive experience with AI, you should:

  1. Continue to expand the roles of communications
    While AI can produce content and support & facilitate your content creation, it cannot replace you if your role is to drive impact. The more strategic your role is, the more of a distinguishing factor between yourself and AI.
  2. Establish trusted communication channels
    Have a trusted channel for communication – by having a trusted channel for communications, you can ensure you stay in control.
  3. Get involved in defining AI guidelines and security measures
    There are many initiatives going on to define AI guidelines and security measures, get involved in these to educate people on how AI can be used in communications.
  4. Utilize AI to make your life easier
    By utilizing AI, you can save time and resources in your day-to-day role to help you work more efficiently.
  5. Become an AI champion and teach leaders and employees
    Even if there are challenges regarding AI, you should try to educate your leaders and employees on what AI can change for the better. Use mediums like Twitter or LinkedIn to learn about what is going on in the industry and advancements in the world of AI.

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