Microsoft Teams Webinar

If you did not get the opportunity to tune in to our webinar on Friday, March 27th, we got you covered. Klarinet Solutions teamed up with Valo to help organizations learn to continue operating “business as usual” despite dealing with this COVID-19 crisis. Microsoft Regional Director & MVP, Gokan Ozifici, presented our “How to Become a Microsoft Teams Rockstar in the COVID-19 Era” webinar and addressed very important questions around Teams, Office 365 platform, and remote work hacks.

We have received many questions from our current clients, prospects, and the open community on how to ensure people can work from home in the most efficient way as the COVID-19 virus continues to impact their lives. One of our main solutions to the public has been Microsoft’s fastest-growing business application:  Microsoft Teams

“With the COVID-19 era and with everybody working from home, we at Microsoft have now seen Microsoft Teams go from 12 million users to over 44 million active users in just this past month.”

 – Gokan Ozifici

Microsoft Teams is a very sophisticated modern platform that has various functionalities, tools, and collaboration options. Many have taken the first steps investing in this valuable Office 365 business app; however, not everyone has received guidance or expert support to use and deploy it throughout their organization effectively.

Get ahead of the curve and kick-start your organization’s remote workforce. If you have any questions, our experts are available for any questions you might have around Office365, SharePoint, and digital workplace support. Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are open to help you. Finally, if you did not already know, Microsoft is offering the Office 365 Platform for free for six months as a commitment to customers during this unprecedented pandemic.

Watch our interactive webinar, which includes:

    1. A complete overview of Microsoft Teams functionality, tools, and productivity hacks
    2. Live Demo of Microsoft Teams (E.g., standard channels, private channels, integrating Power Apps, etc.)
    3. Information about how Office 365’s business bundle can support Microsoft Teams, employee connectivity, and business performance and further help your organization stay afloat during this COVID-19 era



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