Simplify Business With SharePoint Analytics Tools

Gather the deep insight into how your intranet is performing with sophisticated tools. Get all the vital data and information to improve the results with our sought after intranet analytics tools for your business.

Velocity Site Metrics is a powerful SharePoint analytics tool, built and engineered by the expert architects at Klarinet Solutions. Simply said, it’s unique and robust. Velocity Site Metrics by Klarinet picks up where Google Analytics stops…and it keeps on going…



For the first time, get clear answers to your intranet questions – in customizable dashboards. Learn key information about user engagement, including:


Who is using your intranet?


  • Real Time visitor insight
  • Identify active users
  • User segments based on SharePoint profiles


What are they doing there?


  • Activity heatmaps
  • SharePoint Search query metrics
  • User flows and paths


What’s working – and what isn’t?


  • What’s popular? Gain insight on what users value, from stories to downloads and search terms
  • Track downloaded files
  • Are users accessing the information you need them to?


Gather reliable information about user patterns to drive intranet improvement. Share intranet analytics information with key stakeholders, to optimize business collaborations.



Then, our experts will help you use the intranet analytics tools to steadily improve engagement and productivity.


  • Improve business processes
  • Encourage collaboration and feedback
  • Improve information access
  • Increase user engagement
  • Set business goals, monitor them, and take action


Let us show you how to use analytics to help you understand user patterns, to continuously improve your intranet to support employee productivity and business gains.



With Velocity Site Metrics, reach new levels of user engagement and extract the full value from your intranet.


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Our clients say it best…

“We are impressed with Klarinet’s ability to bring to market a solution that is so feature-rich for SharePoint in a first-release. It provides us with insight and information about our Intranet that just was not possible before. We can see what information users are looking for, no matter where in the world they are. I’m excited to be one of the first users on this platform.”

—Carla Taub
Communication Director, Halozyme Therapeutics



For more information, or to book a FREE 45 minute demonstration for Klarinet’s own intranet analytics tool, Velocity Site Metrics, please contact us through this form, or by phone at 866.211.8191. Together, we’ll find out if Velocity Site Metrics is right for you!