Velocity Site Metrics: Advanced Intranet Analytics

Don’t settle for a lackluster intranet that nobody wants to use. Velocity Site Metrics uncovers key insights about your intranet, including real-time user trends, activity flows and search queries, to optimize your platform and increase team engagement.

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Boost Team Engagement With SharePoint Intranet Analytics

Velocity Site Metrics, built and engineered by Klarinet Solutions’ expert architects, is your go-to SharePoint analytics tool. We created Velocity Site Metrics out of a desire to understand SharePoint user behavior, drive intranet improvement and promote stronger collaboration.

Without proper visibility, intranets can easily become tough to navigate and frustrating to use, driving down user engagement. Our robust analytics platform uncovers performance issues and areas for improvement, so you can build an intranet your employees love to use.

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We are impressed with Klarinet’s ability to bring to market a solution that is so feature-rich for SharePoint in a first-release. [Velocity Site Metrics] provides us with insight and information about our Intranet that just was not possible before. We can see what information users are looking for, no matter where in the world they are. I’m excited to be one of the first users on this platform.

— Carla Taub, Communication Director, Halozyme Therapeutics

What Can You Do With Velocity Site Metrics?

Conventional web analytics programs like Google Analytics don’t offer the full picture when it comes to analyzing how users interact with your intranet and the tools they prefer. Velocity Site Metrics provides the most extensive, relevant metrics that are custom to your SharePoint intranet.


Create custom dashboards that provide a clear view into intranet user patterns. Acquire the knowledge you need to engineer a better intranet.

  • Get real-time, active visitor insights

  • Measure page effectiveness with activity heatmaps and SharePoint search query metrics

  • Build user segments, user flows and paths


Leverage intranet analytics data to increase usage, collaboration and productivity. Tailor your intranet to your team’s needs so you can deliver the best workplace experience possible.

  • Strengthen internal communications

  • Encourage ongoing feedback

  • Improve file accessibility

  • Revamp inefficient processes and better define actionable business goals


Reach new levels of intranet user engagement and adoption. By learning what users want, you can keep them active, interested and happy.

  • Understand what’s popular based on downloads and search terms

  • See what news or posts are being read

  • Learn how to create content users are more likely to engage with

Why Choose Klarinet?

When your employees understand their role and feel connected to the business, they work faster, communicate better and produce better work. We invest in customer relationships to understand and solve the digital workplace problems you face every day.

  • More than “just SharePoint people.”

    Our team has been deeply ingrained in SharePoint for more than 10 years and share a passion for its impact.

  • Your complete SharePoint team for a fraction of the cost.

    Our SharePoint experts plug into your existing team to provide the support you need – only when you need it.

  • Cheaper, faster, better deployments with Valo.

    As a Premium Valo Partner, we deploy SharePoint intranet solutions more efficiently than competitors.

  • Passionate about the industries we serve.

    We work with companies in pharmaceutical, financial and legal industries to implement solutions that empower users to produce better work.

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Klarinet Success Story: Halozyme

Klarinet Solutions is proud to work with U.S. biotechnology company Halozyme Therapeutics. See how Klarinet deployed Valo Intranet and Teamwork for Office 365 to deliver a digital workplace, optimize their information architecture and bring employees together.

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