SharePoint Consulting

Whatever your SharePoint needs are, our years of practical experience and resources can help you out. Utilizing the out of the box features of SharePoint to serve your business requires a strong working knowledge of the SharePoint platform. Our consultants build solutions with you in mind—by balancing costs, scalability and manageability. Work with us to find the best solution that fits your needs at a price point that fits your budget.

SharePoint Design

User adoption is one of the key factors in the success of your organization’s SharePoint initiative. Your users interact with well-designed consumer software on a daily basis and increasingly expect the same type of user interfaces from their work-based applications.

Using a range of tools, our SharePoint designers transform generic SharePoint interfaces into branded ones that convey corporate identity and resemble popular consumer interfaces. As a result, your end users are more likely to adopt and continue to use the solution.

Our designers are experts at building responsive SharePoint designs using popular platforms such as Bootstrap and ZURB Foundation. A responsive SharePoint will make sure that your site is accessible regardless of your user’s device—be it a laptop, tablet or phone.

We also have extensive experience with public-facing websites built using the SharePoint platform.

Custom Development

When implemented correctly, just off-the-shelf SharePoint is an extremely powerful platform that solves business problems well. But there are times when you need to stretch the boundaries a bit further. We know how to push the limits of SharePoint without causing damage to your implementation. We know exactly how to maintain the balance when adding features or functionality to any SharePoint environment. We provide:

  • Custom LOB Applications
  • SharePoint Apps
  • Web Templates
  • Custom Workflow and Forms
  • Custom Web Parts
  • Office Apps
  • Web Content Management

Support / Managed Services

Many organizations don’t need or can’t justify the expense of a full-time Microsoft Administrator. We offer specialized support and managed services for SharePoint, to complement your internal IT team.

Health Check

Is your SharePoint environment healthy? Do you know how to make it solid, reliable and scalable? We can help by performing a SharePoint Health Check. We’ll review your SharePoint Farm and create documentation for each piece that needs attention. Diagnosis is the first step towards proper treatment. Once you know what the issues are, you can address them yourself or we can help you fix them. Use the Health Check to gain peace of mind that your SharePoint environment is not going to leave you stranded.