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Return to the Office Anxiety
Whether you're reading the news, browsing LinkedIn, or catching up with your department leaders, there is one topic dominating the Covid-19 conversation: returning to the office. These words bring up so much meaning for workers who have been remote for over a year now. Feelings of excitement, desperation, relief, and
Modern Search PnP Web Parts
How to Build Modern Search PnP Web Parts Klarinet Solutions virtually hosts monthly Tech Talks for our clients and partners, covering several topics around Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and the modern digital workplace. In our April 2021 Tech Talk, Matt Fishman, Director of Solutions Delivery, led the main discussion on building engaging and personalized search experiences
Microsoft Teams Sprawl
Introducing Microsoft Teams Sprawl Whether we are dealing with a hybrid workforce, remote team on a global scale, or plan to start reopening your offices back to normal times, the chances that most of our workforce will be dispersed for the foreseeable future remains high. Microsoft Teams Sprawl So, what
Microsoft SharePoint
It is prevalent nowadays for organizations to store their work data in the cloud, move information across environments, and upgrade as needed. Not only does it make the information available anywhere across the organization, but it also keeps the data secured, compatible, and organized for the employees to perform at their best no matter
Corporate Communications 101 By spending 40+ hours a week at work, work-life will inevitably affect our physical and mental health especially now during our remote work operations. With that being said, there is a huge responsibility for HR, Communications, and other leaders within an organization to develop and deploy an
Microsoft Ignite
Microsoft Ignite Updates Explained Klarinet Solutions virtually hosts Tech Talks for our clients and partners, discussing various topics around Microsoft 365 and the modern digital workplace. In our most recent Tech Talk, Michelle Willard, Digital Workplace Consultant at Klarinet Solutions, led the 2021 Microsoft Ignite Conference's main discussion. This year Microsoft Ignite took place on March 2-4, 2021.
Microsoft Viva 1
Microsoft Viva in Microsoft Teams With the global pandemic ongoing but an eventual ending in sight, executives in the US and abroad question what a return to normalcy might look like. As of now, many businesses have chosen to retain much of the work-from-home processes. Remote work has become commonplace
Enable Your Remote Workforce with Microsoft 365 The pandemic has impacted how most businesses operate and highlighted the pressing need to digitally transform our work environments. Software issues, exploitable security breaches, inadequate team collaboration, and poor cross-departmental file sharing and storage have been trending issues this past year. In 2021,
Microsoft Groups
Klarinet Solutions virtually hosts monthly TechTalks for our clients and partners, covering various topics around Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and the modern digital workplace. In our February 2021 Tech Talk, Michelle Willard, Digital Workplace Consultant, and Daniel Amaro, Lead Digital Workplace Consultant, led the main discussion on Microsoft Groups.   If you
Microsoft Updates
Klarinet Solutions virtually hosts monthly TechTalks for our clients and partners, covering various topics around Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and the modern digital workplace. Although minor in scale, there are many cool features on Microsoft platforms that everyone should know about. In our February 2021 Tech Talk, Aarslan Rafique, Business Development
Microsoft 365
A SharePoint Intranet? Do you ever question how your company could benefit from a central internal communication and collaboration platform that engages employees, improves business processes, and cultivates culture? Every organization has a unique personality with different backgrounds, values, services, people, and purpose. Similar to organizations, modern intranets are made
7 Characteristics of a Successful Intranet Now, more than ever, it has never been more important to be connected at work. With the diverse range of communication and increase in collaboration comes the need to work in a more understanding, social, and unrestricted way. A successful intranet is essentially the
Demystify the Microsoft 365 Platform Webinar Recap Microsoft 365 (M365) has over 30 different applications. While you may not use all of them, failure to implement some governance level for your critical and frequently used applications can lead to chaos and an overwhelming experience down the road. As we kick
Tech Talk - Microsoft Teams Templates Klarinet Solutions virtually hosts monthly Tech Talks for our clients and partners, covering various topics around Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and the modern digital workplace. In our January 2021 Tech Talk, Samantha Willard, Digital Workplace Consultant, led a quick overview of all the Microsoft 365 Updates. Meanwhile, Justan
Microsoft 365
What's New with Microsoft 365 Welcome back to our Microsoft 365 Update blog! As you know, Microsoft makes so many changes in Microsoft 365; it can feel almost impossible to keep up! 2020 presented Microsoft users with various digital workplace challenges. Most organizations were overwhelmed with deploying a remote working
Ultimate Guide to Microsoft 365 Tools Orchestry is a balanced platform composed of adoption tools, intuitive templates, controlled provisioning, and empowering self-service that drives usage and governance success in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams The technology landscape for both users and administrators in today's digital workspace has been overcomplicated. Many
valo entrance
External Stakeholder Management Digital communication and collaboration with stakeholders outside your organization have become a new normal, especially during this pandemic. However, managing external users in Microsoft 365 can be tedious and time-consuming. Creating an engaging external network with invite-only access and a system that keeps your business-critical information safe
Orchestry Partnership Klarinet Solutions - a leader in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consulting has partnered with Orchestry - a comprehensive governance, adoption, and enablement platform for Microsoft 365 that makes work simple in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.  “This year has brought unique challenges to the digital workspace - from
Microsoft Teams vs. Slack  During this entire 2020 year, many businesses, schools, and folks have had to transition from open communication to only online options. Collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack have surged in popularity over the last eight months as the majority of the United States have been under stay-at-home orders. These orders required people to
Valo Connect - Intranet within Microsoft Teams Like most Microsoft 365 users, your day usually begins and ends on Microsoft Teams. Most of your work time is then spent on your organization's intranet collaborating on projects, accessing apps, as well as bouncing on Teams to communicate, meet, and collaborate throughout