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Valo Customer Success Story 2018 – Dexcom, Inc.

Klarinet just returned from the Valo Partner Summit – Europe held in Lisbon, Portugal earlier this month. Matt Fishman was in attendance and accepted the award on our behalf. The Valo Customer Success Story of the Year award recognizes an outstanding Digital Workplace implementation built on top of Valo.

Klarinet Solutions has shaped Dexcom’s workdays by helping them to fall in love with their Valo Intranet which has led to a world-class employee experience with measurable results.Using the Valo platform, Klarinet was able to capture all of the requirements Dexcom had for their new intranet, replacing the old SharePoint on-prem, in a 1-day discovery workshop. Dexcom, San Diego based medical device company employs people in multiple remote offices in and outside the USA.

Klarinet Solutions also worked with Dexcom to analyze usage and employee satisfaction for their intranet both before and after Valo implementation.

Results were shocking: 65 % reduction in time to complete tasks and 305 % increase in overall satisfaction -just to mention two!

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A Bag of Money, a SharePoint Migration and the Right Tools

Sometimes the biggest challenges bring the most amount of fun.You know that “zoned-out” mode that you get when you are driving in mind-numbing traffic? You know, the one where you completely lose track of time staring at the brake lights ahead of you? That is where I was, stuck in late evening traffic when I received an interesting phone call. It snapped me out of the hypnotic trance that the off and on, off and on brake light put me in.“I have a bag of money I want to throw at you….”Okay, so now I’m listening. After I chuckle, I can’t help but smile and answer, “Hey Bill, what can I do for you?” (one of our clients has a good sense of humor)“I need our SharePoint Intranet migrated from on premise to SharePoint Online in one week. Can you do it?”Silence.What do you say to that? Typically, I would say “no way.”  Or let them down easy: “sorry, I understand that you need it done now, but that’s just not possible”. Maybe, we could try to figure out a realistic timeline. Are you kidding? Is this guy crazy?“Let me see what the team can do. I’ll call you back in 10 minutes.”After a phone call with the team, I returned Bill’s call and told him that we would have an estimate to him that same night and we could get it done by the end of the following week.Let’s break down some of the scenario here:

  • SharePoint On Premise
  • Custom Branding Solution
  • Custom Theme
  • Custom Code
  • Approximately 40 Gigabytes of information (nothing huge)
  • About 600 users
  • Unique Permissions
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Custom Forms
  • And a few more factors

In the olden times, the answer would have been an emphatic “no way, not in one week!” But these are not olden times. These are the days of modern solutions and great tools to help us get this done.We were able to get this job done in 7 days. Here is the breakdown of the work by day:

  • Day 1: Assessment, Architecture, Inventory
  • Day 2: Installation and Configuration of Valo Intranet
  • Day 3: Initial Migration of Content
  • Day 4: Testing Workflows and Implementation of Custom Code
  • Day 5: Testing, Mitigating Challenges, Spot Migrations
  • Day 6: Delta Migration, Testing, Spot Migrations
  • Day 7: Go Live and Support

What we used:Valo Intranet – provided the base Intranet, responsive design, theme and Intranet features that the client needed. Learn more here: www.valointranet.comSharegate – migrated all content, including workflows and some custom forms. Allowed us to assess the on-premise environment and prepare for the migration. Learn more here: the two solutions above, we would not have been able to get this job done in one week. It was a tough slog even still, but at least we had a fighting chance.In the end, the client had an Intranet in SharePoint Online that was responsive, modern, branded and contained the content they needed. Above and beyond that, it was in a solid platform that they could grow into. Bill was extremely happy. There wasn’t a bag of money involved, but like I said, Bill has a sense of humor. For us, it was like being involved in a hack-a-thon. Long nights and grueling work at times, but rewarding to be sure and best of all, it was fun.