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Revamp your internal communication strategy with Staffbase, the award-winning premier internal communications platform provided by KLARINET. Facilitate seamless communication with your team and employees on all devices and platforms.

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Klarinet has had a big impact – they allowed the company to keep connected through the pandemic, enabling communication and a feeling of connectedness.

– Yahaira Cebrero, Operations Specialist, CG Law


Staffbase, the world’s top communication platform, empowers you to deliver precise and impactful messaging, addressing communication challenges effectively. Let Klarinet and Staffbase take your internal communications to the next level with:

Improved Employee Experience

Positively impact employee experience and productivity. Staffbase facilitates creating connection, sharing knowledge, and cultivating an inclusive, engaged culture.

Tailored Integration & Training

Klarinet’s personalized implementations, dedicated support and comprehensive training ensures your team harnesses Staffbase’s full potential. 

Seamless Integration

Leveraging the same platform for internal comms and external email unifies communication channels, providing centralized email, messaging, and more.  

Interactive Content

Staffbase allows you to create visually appealing content that captivates your team, fostering a more engaged and informed workforce.

Employee Engagement

Create a more interactive and connected workspace with Staffbase’s tools for feedback, discussions, and collaboration. 

Access to Information

With lightning fast search results, employees get what they need quickly and easily, and you get insights into popular search terms.

Amplified Adoption

A cohesive solution means adoption of your new internal comms platform is easy and smooth. 

Mobile Accessibility

Your team stays connected wherever they are, promoting accessibility and engagement anytime, anywhere. 

Content Creation

Enhance employee engagement with user-friendly, streamlined content creation and distribution tools.

Why Choose Klarinet?

As your Cloud Solutions Provider, Klarinet offers more than just Staffbase licensing. We provide comprehensive support, from strategy to implementation and beyond. With us, you gain a partner who understands the evolving digital workplace, tailoring tech to fit your unique workplace needs. 

  • Exclusive Monthly Client TechTalks

Learn from our Digital Workplace, Cloud & Business Automation Experts about the latest tech trends, solution advancements and how-to better leverage your tech. 

  • Quarterly Strategic Client Briefings

Enhance your existing workplace environment beyond your current gains with our quarterly one-on-one strategic client briefing and review. 

  • Educational Tech Tips Client Newsletter

Discover the latest tech tips with our monthly tech tips client emails for Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Cloud Security, and more.  

  • Dedicated Support & Advisory Services  

Elevate your workplace with Klarinet’s  continuous dedicated support and advisory services, to get all questions answers, while simplifying your work life. 



We’re more than service providers; we’re dedicated partners. With a client-centric focus, we seamlessly integrate with your internal team, delving deep into your business processes and requirements. We’re by your side throughout the entire journey. 

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