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Dive deep into the extensive features, benefits, and strategic approaches for successful Copilot deployment and adoption. Leverage Klarinet’s team of Microsoft experts to create tailored strategies, ensuring maximum return on your Microsoft investment.

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Mitigate the Risks of Microsoft Copilot with Klarinet

Rushing into Microsoft Copilot without proper preparation leaves your organization open to security, privacy, and compliance risks. Our Microsoft Copilot Readiness Assessment helps you avoid these pitfalls by: 

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Establishing a Copilot-Ready Foundation

Ensure data security from the start with a comprehensive Copilot strategy. From defining sensitive data to setting correct user permissions, we help you lay the groundwork for successful Copilot implementation, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. 

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Highlighting Missing Data Loss Prevention Labels

Copilot-generated content may lack DLP labels, risking data breaches and regulatory non-compliance. For instance, a Copilot report may expose confidential data without the required label. Find out if you’re missing DLP labels with our assessment. 

Exposing Potential Data Risks

Copilot’s data sources may generate content with sensitive information, risking unintentional data exposure if not reviewed carefully. Our Copilot readiness assessment exposes those risks so you can see what needs to be improved before implementing Copilot. 

Enhancing Security & Compliance

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive files and data through tailored security and compliance policies specifically for Copilot AI. 

Assessing Copilot Readiness

Evaluate Microsoft 365 Copilot’s advanced capabilities to create a roadmap for AI-enhanced tasks like information retrieval, data analysis, and document drafting. 

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Providing Expert Support

Klarinet is your digital workplace partner, dedicated to helping you keep your organization safe and secure as you leverage the power of Microsoft Copilot.

Are You Ready For Microsoft Copilot?

Discover if your organization is ready to harness the power Microsoft 365 Copilot. Take our comprehensive Copilot Readiness Assessment to gain: 

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Maximum ROI

We maximize Copilot’s success through comprehensive understanding and strategic implementation, ensuring your organization fully benefits from its potential. 

Seamless Implementation

Complete this assessment to craft an efficient Copilot deployment strategy for your Microsoft 365 environment. 

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Increased User Adoption

The assessment will provide the insights needed to tackle user concerns to boost adoption, satisfaction, and productivity. 

Strategic Guidance

Our team of Microsoft experts offers continuous assistance and strategic advice to help you fully leverage Copilot for innovation and improved productivity. 

Your Proactive Microsoft Copilot Partner

We go beyond just assisting with the initial Copilot Readiness Assessment. When you work with Klarinet, you get a true partner. 

Receive continuous Copilot support and guidance to ensure your journey with Microsoft 365 Copilot is seamless and successful. Through a comprehensive, hands-on series of facilitated workshops, we will review your existing data governance policies and configurations. From there, our dedicated team of Microsoft Copilot experts will make recommendations for how to configure your existing Microsoft security technologies included in your Microsoft 365 subscription to meet your data governance requirements. The end result will be a documented plan for the configuration and deployment of Copilot,  helping you leverage Copilot’s full potential for enhanced efficiency and innovation within your organization. Stay ahead with expert support that evolves with your needs. 


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