External Stakeholder Management

Digital communication and collaboration with stakeholders outside your organization have become a new normal, especially during this pandemic. However, managing external users in Microsoft 365 can be tedious and time-consuming. Creating an engaging external network with invite-only access and a system that keeps your business-critical information safe can be challenging to find. In 2021, a pressing question most organizations are asking themselves is:  

How can we share information with external users instantly and securely?  

With Valo Entrance, it is easy to invite and manage external users in your external scenarios. Valo Entrance provides a self-service registration portal that makes it easier to grant access to large groups of external users. Overall, Valo Entrance is a highly secure access management tool for Microsoft 365 that exclusively provides access for the privileged users you invite.  

Many times, organizations worry that their information will be breached or seen without permission when granting access to an external user. Administrators can now see who has authorization, what they have permission to access, and anyone that has self-registered at any time from a single screen. The process of removing and adding permission for external users can overwhelm administrators. With Valo Entrance, administrators can quickly provide and remove permissions easily for external individuals or entire organizations with a couple of clicks without affecting anyone else’s approval.  

Custom-defined Access Units also let admins organize permissions that best serve their requirements: whether by customer, project, location, or according to any other combination of parameters. Additionally, an organization can improve external users’ user experience by customizing the branded invitation email that is automatically sent after each successful registration. 

Here are some of the additional pros of utilizing Valo Entrance

Valuable Valo Entrance Admin View  

The Valo Entrance Dashboard allows specified admins to oversee external users from one central location where they can:  

  • Operate on a simple and ready-to-go interface to create Access Units  
  • Improve customer/external user experience and satisfaction
  • Manage all the resources external users can have access to   
  • Define which email domains or specific email addresses are invited   
  • Easily keep an eye on those entering your environment 

Secure access management tool 

With Valo Entrance, you can fine-tune precise user permissions for your trusted B2B vendors and partners with highly secure data integrity. 

Self-registration for external stakeholders 

Self-service registration makes it easy for Valo Entrance to provide external stakeholder access for your trusted partners and vendors. 

Provide customized access 

Managing external access to your resources is easy. Define access for individuals or entire organizations by using unique emails or whole email domains. You can also customize UI in the registration portal, add your own logo, and include a specific background image. 

Secure You Digital Workplace with Valo Entrance 

Valo Entrance allows your key internal employees to manage external stakeholder access to your resources effectively, securely, and independently – whether they are Key Account Managers, Customer Coordinators, or Project Managers. There is no need for them to know how to code or need to keep asking your IT (Information Technology) department for help or permission. This simple yet, intuitive solution puts digital security and reliability at the center of your external management strategy. Valo entrance gives outside stakeholders the power to leverage a tailored, efficient, and branded external network.

external stakeholder management

Extranet & External Stakeholder Management?

Collaborating with external stakeholders can be tedious, time-consuming, and loads of sensitive information can be lost in the process. With Valo Entrance, Digital workplace technology has moved past email communication for external users (partners, clients, vendors, etc.). There is now a better way of communicating, sharing, and collaborating with external stakeholders. Valo entrance is an intuitive and secure solution that informs and engages your external community from anywhere and any device. Whether you are dealing with an entirely outdated extranet or need help securing your external environment, we can support you. 

Learn how we can help bring an external community to your internal environment with ease, control, reliability. Reach out to our team at Klarinet Solutions to help get you started now: Valo Entrance Demo

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