Client Description:

With a 70-year history of manufacturing, trading, and distributing specialized commodities, ICD Group International is a joint venture of suppliers, modern processing facilities, and a global logistics network. The company helps fuel high technology needs for specialty raw materials.

manufacturing company adopts SharePoint Intranet for better communication


INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

MARKET: New York, United States

SIZE: 200 employees



ICD Group was looking to adapt to the remote work environment perpetuated by the pandemic. At this point, the conglomerate needed a seamless transition to conduct business safely without compromising on productivity. With employees worldwide, it was essential for them to create an intranet that improved connectivity across offices and facilitated smooth business operations.


Klarinet Solutions’ expertise and excellent customer service are known from coast to coast in the United States. Based on the recommendation of a local IT provider for the ICD Group, Klarinet Solutions engaged with the company in July 2021 to help them establish an intranet platform.

With years of experience designing modern and custom SharePoint Intranet solutions across the country, Klarinet Solutions’ team of SharePoint intranet consultants were the perfect fit to deploy the intranet and prepare the platform to streamline core business processes, reduce mistakes and effortlessly distribute content.


After careful deliberations about the scope of the project and its impact, the Klarinet team followed a straightforward approach to help the ICD Group adopt SharePoint. First, Klarinet worked closely with ICD’s business development director to scale out the project, after which Klarinet’s operational and intranet management team built out the platform according to ICD’s requirements and objectives.

Klarinet’s prompt customer service and dedication to the project were appreciated by the customer. By conducting timely follow ups and closely monitoring the progress of the project, Klarinet was able to meet all deadlines while delivering an exceptional experience for all parties involved.

The new SharePoint Intranet facilitated a user-friendly interface for ICD to collaborate and connect with their global team. Upon completion of the project, the customer began to reap instant benefits with improved efficiencies and ease of communication across their organization.

Client Testimonial:

“We are very “We have no complaints regarding their work. They had incredibly competitive pricing and outstanding quality of service.”
– Tigran Martayan, Business Development Manager, ICD Group

Our SharePoint Intranet Consultants Can Help

The digital workplace is constantly evolving, and organizations must make necessary updates to stay ahead and relevant to their customers. One of the most integral steps in staying updated and efficient is investing in modern technology that supports business operations.

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SharePoint Intranet for better communication

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