Office 365 Updates

Although minor in scale, there are many cool features on Microsoft platforms that everyone should know about. Let’s look at them in this blog post, recapping some of Office 365’s updates in September 2019.

Dark Mode 

Dark mode allows you to look at Office 365 under a dark color palette. A lot of people in IT, especially coders, have been wanting this for a long time. It’s a UI trend that we’re starting to see across all applications.

I like it. I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks. A big plus is that dark mode is available on Outlook’s Mobile App (available on Android and Apple devices). If you have an OLED display, Dark Mode is a huge battery saver as we’re not powering dark pixels. It’s personally a lot easier on the eyes, especially for folks like me who can’t get off their phones before bed or in the morning.


Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a cloud-based task management app. They released a brand new UI update (now with many customizations available), and it’s available for download on mobile and desktop. To-Do syncs across all platforms, any update made on your mobile will be seen on your desktop and vice versa.

MyDay is a smart daily planner that uses AI to figure out your tasks across Office 365. It integrates studies from Outlook, Office 365, Planner, etc., so you essentially have a central location to see everything.






One of the coolest things I’ve seen come out in a while is Presenter Coach. It’s essentially a virtual Public Speaking instructor. It allows you to practice your presentations and provides recommendations on how to improve your pace, counts the number of filler words you use, and provides a feedback report at the end of the presentation. On PowerPoint for web, there’s a link to slide functionality, which allows you to send a link to the slide’s specific web address. It’s useful if you’re collaborating with someone on a slide together, or you’d like for someone to refer to a specific part of your presentation.


Intune Android Management

You can now manage corporate-owned Android devices with Microsoft Intune. With support for Android Enterprise fully managed devices, Microsoft 365 customers can deliver a high-quality and feature-rich productivity scenario for employees on corporate-owned devices, while maintaining an extended set of policy controls over those devices. Intune support for Android Enterprise work phone management is now available.



Yammer Mobile

Yammer has a really sweet UI upgrade that makes content more readable and engaging. You can also now play videos from Stream directly on Yammer instead of being redirected to the app.


Next Month: A significant update to look out for is the user experience of private channels in Teams. Hopefully, we get to show a preview of what that looks like in next month’s blog post.

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