Client Description

Klarinet is excited to present this renowned financial service organization as one of our most successful customer stories. With over $2.5 billion assets, this wealthy business bank is not only the Sacramento region’s premier business bank, but they are also its largest. With 11 branches, offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a large presence in Southern California, they are also one of the strongest banks in the entire country, having earned the highest rating of “Superior” from respected bank-rating authority BauerFinancial.

Valo Implementation


INDUSTRY: Banking & Financial Services


SIZE: 250+ Employees


In the Financial service industry, collaboration is critical. This financial service organization takes on the responsibility of juggling the national banking system’s demands, high-level financial consultants and teams, and economic objectives. Nonetheless, their digital workplace and technological capabilities were falling short in providing support. The outdated and shared system they’ve used for many years was posing huge internal risks and vulnerabilities.


Their management team quickly realized that they needed Office 365 expert support to address their disjointed and inefficient communication infrastructure, SharePoint shortcomings, and data governance. Klarinet Solutions first engaged with this bank via Valo in June 2019. Their previous intranet was built on SharePoint 2010, on Windows Server 2008 was falling out of support with Microsoft. Also, their IT department had high demands from their internal communication teams in terms of engaging and modern user experience. When they first reached out to us, their SharePoint consultant responsible for creating their digital workplace platform departed mid-way through the project. So, once this happened, they were left with minimal to no advancement of their Intranet project and a fast-approaching launch date deadline.


Klarinet provided this organization’s management team with a demo of Valo, and within a short period of time, they decided to move forward. The streamlined engagement with Klarinet and the turn-key solution from Valo was really the only way for IT to deliver an intranet within its launch window. They have successfully launched their new custom branded Valo intranet on SharePoint Server 2019 to much fanfare and success.

Furthermore, we have offered outstanding 24/7 expert support for Office 365 and SharePoint online, an entire migration service, and the configuration of Valo Fresh.


This financial service organization deals with redefining the banking experience, exceeding customers’ expectations, and promoting stellar company culture. By establishing Valo, we provided this organization a modern Intranet with renowned digital workplace tools that promote:

1. Culture – Provides a connective platform that everyone could call home, communicate with others, and effectively prepare and execute relevant projects no matter the time and place.

2. Productivity and Efficiency – An interactive homepage that helps end-users engage with up-to-date & tailored content, information, projects, assignments, and media.

3. Individual and Teamwork – A vast range of tools that meet organization and individual collaboration needs regardless of their location, management, size, working style, and devices.

Customer Testimonial

“We are very impressed with the rapid turn around Klarinet Solutions was able to provide our company. I am certain that with our Valo Intranet we will be headed in the right direction.”

– Director, Information Technology

“Our Valo Intranet will be a platform that supports productivity, communication, and a sense of community. We look forward in celebrating who we are and what we do.”

– Manager, Internal Communications

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