Wonder what types of Power Apps you can create? We recently had a customer inquire about a custom web part to celebrate associate anniversaries. They had been using legacy custom code that was being updated each month to display a SharePoint Page Showing Associate anniversaries, the associate’s photo, and allows their teammates to comment/congratulate each other. While I can’t show you the actual customers page it looked a little something like this. Not bad, pretty simple and the manual updating each month was the real issue.


They were looking for a newer solution that addressed the following details.


-Automatically updates to the current months anniversaries[br_tc]-Displays the associates profile photo[br_tc]-Displays associate details, number of years, name, hire date[br_tc]-Allows others to comment[br_tc]-Alerts the associate via email if they receive a comment[br_tc]-Trophy (call out) for milestone anniversaries[br_tc][nbsp_tc]

I wanted to create a solution with a modern look, easy to update maintain and address all the customers’ requests. I was able to create this solution with a combination of Power Apps, SharePoint Lists, and Flow. By using Power Apps I was able to create a relatively no-code solution for our customers and use SharePoint lists to manage the data making it easy for the customer’s HR team to update.


To find out more about this solution, or if you need help building something similar, reach out to our solutions team!

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