Client Description:

Based in San Diego, California, Open Manufacturing Platform is a manufacturing technology company with a Linux GDF foundation. This setup allows them to transfer data to the cloud successfully.


INDUSTRY: IT services

MARKET: United States

SIZE: 50 employees



Open Manufacturing Platform, a cloud company, was in need of a solution that could help them acquire a server, host their applications, manage configurations and licenses, and set up a support ticketing system. This is a pivotal step for the organization as a server plays an important role in storing and protecting vital business information while providing high-speed data transfer. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure that it is reliable and has an enhanced-security infrastructure to protect the company’s data and maintain privacy. The main goal of this project was to acquire the server and set up Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to fine-tune their processes and internal communication while paving the road for future growth.


Klarinet Solutions partnered with Open Manufacturing Platform’s project management team in June 2020. After the initial discovery meeting, Klarinet’s team analyzed the requirements and recommended solutions that would benefit the organization and meet their evolving needs.
To effectively execute the project and ensure that it was delivered within budget and on time, Klarinet’s team scheduled weekly status meetings to discuss the progress. These status meetings were beneficial as they allowed the team to highlight any issues and fine-tuned the solution by providing suggestions to configure the platform successfully.

While planning and executing the details of the project, it is also necessary to ensure that a proper communication channel is used and all the relevant assets and information are shared with the right stakeholder on time. Therefore, it was also necessary to configure Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to collaborate with the organization and execute the project smoothly.


After collaborating with the organization’s internal stakeholders, the following solution was scoped out:

  • Setting up Microsoft Team to efficiently collaborate with the team by acquiring necessary licenses.
  • Integrating Microsoft SharePoint and successfully hosting applications.
  • Sharing recommendations to improve the existing system and processes.
  • Acquiring a server to help the organization seamlessly transfer data to the cloud.
  • Managing the configurations to meet the organization’s requirements.
  • Setting up a help desk to troubleshoot or submit support queries.
  • Scoping out the requirements of automation to make the process quick and seamless.

Klarinet Solutions, at every step, made sure to provide the right insights to build the strategy and provide resources to the team to ensure all the organization’s requirements were met. By being proactive and continuously monitoring the progress, Klarinet’s team offered world-class support and developed a digital workplace through their Managed Service agreement. In the future, the organization wants to explore the scope of automation for that Klarinet Solutions is conducting research and gathering insights that will help achieve an optimal result.

Client Testimonial:

“Klarinet understands our needs well. I like that they set up regular meetings from the start to stay connected, and to ensure customer satisfaction. The account manager is easy to work with — positive and approachable.” – Project Manager, Open Manufacturing Platform

How Can Your Organization Benefit from Managed Service Support?

As the digital space evolves, it becomes necessary for organizations to stay ahead of the game by upgrading their workspace tools that provide excellent collaboration and planning features. It’s also equally important to invest in a tool that enriches or gives rise to employee-centric work culture. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, organizations can leverage the latest tools that allow the business to use pre-existing templates or customize the features to suit their business needs while still being light on the budget. Microsoft 365 is one such versatile tool that helps to achieve these results. To make the most of this tool and customize its features to suit your organization’s requirements, make sure to consult Klarinet Solutions.  Their experts will help you find a solution for successful Intranet communication, Microsoft 365 integration, or managed service plan.

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