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What To Do When Your CEO Is Hacked?

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In the high-stakes world of pharmaceuticals and medical device development, hacking and corporate espionage is a very real threat. So, when one of our clients emailed us in a panic, of course, we responded right away. The issue: The CEO has a Yammer account! How did this happen!? There’s no way they did this without us knowing. 


Intranet security


Imagine the fear of the Internal Communications Department. The thought of a rogue user posting on Yammer as the CEO! Or worst yet, the Chief Information Officer thinking that the CEO’s laptop had been completely compromised! In the absence of information, we all tend to think of the worst-case scenario. 


Our friendly SharePoint Support Professional thought, “Well, the CEO probably signed up for Yammer without really knowing.” A very astute observation and theory, but how could we prove that that was the case? 


Enter Velocity Site Metrics. Luckily our client had Velocity Site Metrics running on their SharePoint Online Environment. We were able to pinpoint the session where the CEO jumped from SharePoint to Yammer. We could see the IP Address, machine type, and user account. We were able to determine the exact moment that the CEO took the action and signed up for Yammer. After the rush of panic wore off, our client was happy to know that the CEO was not hacked and that sometimes we all just get a little click-happy. 


Check out what Velocity Site Metrics can do for you. 

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